Snow Day: A trip to the woods

I was woken by our girls this morning, telling me it was snowing! It had snowed a small anount a couple of days ago - but when I looked outside I was just as excited as they were.

The next thing I know, we're pulling on jumpers, hats and gloves and running outside. Down the back of our flats is a large unused car park, the snow was still crisp and unspoilt - perfect for footprint patterns and snow angels! We spent a good 20 minutes out there until it all stopped and started to melt.

Lee had been making some sandwiches, ready for our little trip out to Abinger Roughs - Abinger is a little village close to Bookham in Surrey, the drive there was lovely, lots of windy roads, lined with huge trees and still some snow on the ground. When we arrived in the car park, the girls spotted lots of birds to tick off in their RSPB books; robins, blue tits and great tits. The woods are full of gigantic old oak and beech trees, the ground looks pretty spongy, perfect for the next time we go mushroom hunting.

We came home with cold feet and rosie cheeks, with some cool sticks and a stripy feather - ready for my next mad craft project.

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