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Wedding: Rings

Rings - an important part of a wedding ceremony (and can be a huge expense). I am a bit of a jewellery addict - my daily routine consists of putting on my five rings (I feel naked without them). I wear my engagement ring - which is white gold and diamond and has sat proudly on my finger for 11 years. I then have a green baltic amber and silver ring and a turquoise and silver celtic ring. On my other hand is a dichroic glass ring - which gets lots of interest and a dainty turquoise native American ring, which we got in Zakynthos in Greece when I was 17.

We'd looked at second hand rings and also looked online - Lee has found a cheap alternative for himself, it is made from tungsten carbide and only costs £18, but it is sturdy and in a style he likes. I've seen some beautiful rings on Etsy - but again with such a small budget I didn't want to spend too much, so I was happy to go with silver.

Then I had a brainwave - when I was a teenager my Granny gave me a ring and I used to wear it a lot. Granny had lots of interesting jewellery and brooches - since she passed away I am now looking after her kangaroo paw brooch. The ring she gave me is silver, sapphire and diamond and shaped in a V which will fit perfectly over my engagement ring. It was a no-brainer really. Plus I like the fact that it was hers and it's probably got a lovely story behind it.

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