Go Geocaching!

A lot of people ask why we go walking in the woods so often - all I can say is that we genuinely enjoy it and for us we don't need a reason to go (and it's free). But for those of you more reluctant, who think your kids won't enjoy it, try geocaching.

Geocaching is basically like a treasure hunt in the great outdoors - all you will need is a Smartphone. Download the Geocaching app and off you go! Visit this website and tap in the area you would like to visit and lots of places to go will pop up.

This morning we chose to go to Happy Valley and Farthing Downs in Old Coulsdon, in Surrey, I grew up around here, the downs are lovely. We parked just next to The Fox pub car park off the Coulsdon Road, and not far from the car park we found our first cache, your app will give you directions and tell you how close you are. The kids found it cleverly hidden by a tree beneath a stone, inside was a log book which we left a message in. The sun was out, so we continued further and found another hidden in some hazel trees and then explored the woods, rolled down the hills and squelched in mud.

After lunch we went to Tillingdown woods, which is walking distance from our home in Caterham - we'd seen that there are about five "ghostly caches" hidden in the woods. The first we found in a tree near a bridge which crosses the A22 - in the form of a very spooky skull - this also had a log book inside (bring a pen). Some caches have toys in which you are supposed to swap. We found a further two caches in the woodland - one in a teeny tiny grave "R.I.P Geo Cache" this one had a medal inside. It was good fun - we all enjoyed hunting for them. Whilst there we had a little walk in the field where our wedding party will take place and had a little swing in the park on our way home.

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