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Make, Make, Make Senora.......

I love Mexican colours! The vibrant papel picado, fiestas, the bright serape blankets, sugar skulls the stunning embroidered dresses - I'd love to go there some day.

During my lunchbreak this week, I had a Poundland blitz and picked up some large packs of tissue paper. There are 15 large sheets per pack. I was going to attempt some papel picado bunting - but couldn't find my scalpel so I'll have to save that for a later date.

Instead I decided to make some Mexican inspired tissue flowers and pompoms. I made four fairly small ones, which could be made into a garland (and maybe used at our wedding) and I only used a third of the pack of tissue paper!!

The pompoms are about 6 inches in size.

1: I cut the tissue paper into a rough square/rectangle - around 8x6 inches in size.

2: I chose bright colours, and alternated them, for the first pompom I used 14 sheets piled on top of each other.

3: Fold the sheets into a fan and then tie some string around the middle of the folded fan.

4: Trim the edges into a spike or scallop shape, or I even fringed the edge of one.

5: Lay the fan on it's side like a bow tie, and carefully tease each layer of paper upwards (I ripped loads)!

6: Turn it upside down and fluff up the other side.

7: Hang them up however you like - they look pretty great and the colours make me happy!

Instagram - #homemade #tissuepaper #pompoms
Instagram - Step by step tissue pompoms
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Instagram - Untitled

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