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How to:Boho Hair Wraps

With warmer weather coming (we hope) and festival season approaching - I thought I'd show you an easy way to do hair wraps. The type of ones they do on the beach and at festivals.

I had a bag of sewing silks sitting in the cupboard, I bought them from The Works, the whole bag cost me £3.

You will need:

Various colour sewing silks.

A piece of cardboard (a cereal packet would do).

Some beads.

Tin foil.


Small hair bands (loom bands).

Firstly, cut lengths of the silks in different colours, longer than the hair that you are planning to wrap and tie all the coloured strands together in a knot.

Cut a slit in a small piece of cardboard.

Section off a small piece of hair. Slide the hair into the cardboard slit and tie the lengths of silks around the top of the hair.

Gradually start wrapping the strands around the hair however you like, you can do large blocks of colour or smaller stripes and alternate the colours, until you get near the bottom. I then plaited (braided) the hair and tied a loom band to secure it.

if you want to add beads the best way to do this is with tin foil. Wrap the end of the hair in a little bit of tin foil and pinch it together, this makes it easier to slide the beads into place. When you're happy remove the tin foil and tie a loom band underneath to stop the beads falling out.

Shan's had hers in two days now and it's still looking neat. You can experiment with colours and wrapping styles. Perefct for that summer boho look.

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