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Make: DIY colourful tassels

Tassels are fab! They can pretty up anything and they are very easy to make. They look great on necklaces, clothing, garlands and cushions - my seven-year-old helped me make these ones.

Instagram - Tassles

These tassels were made using sewing silks, but wool/yarn is great to use too.

All you'll need is the silks or wool and some scissors - and you're good to go!

First wrap the string around your hand about 20 times.

Instagram - Untitled

Slide the circle of wound string off of your hand.

Instagram - Untitled

Pinch it together at the top, then wind some more string around the loop at the top and tie it in a knot.

Instagram - Untitled

Then take your scissors and trim through the loops so you get your fringed tassely edge.

Couldn't be more simple really!

These ones will be used in tassel garlands and some were used on our bar sign.

Instagram - #signage #madebyme

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