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DIY wedding: Table decorations

Here is a wonderfully cheap way to decorate tables at a wedding, or just for your home. We are approaching our wedding day at a scarily fast pace - and I thought it was about time I started to test our some floral displays!

I will be decorating around eight tables in total, and over the past year we've collected many jars, vintage glass bottles and pots - mainly from Trash Nothing (which is a freebie website), some from charity shops and some kindly donated by friends of ours. We now have more than enough!

Our woodland walks have also served us well, as we have lots of chunks of wood to place the decorations on which look really rustic.

The hesian/burlap roll came from The Works, it cost me £3 for nine metres, so I'll be using it to wrap some jars but to also make some bunting. The ribbons all came from a mixture of places mainly Tiger and The Works, none costing more than £1 to £2 in price. I will also be using feathers in our bottles, pheasant feathers always look great (eBay sells these), or you could use white/grey goose feathers and dip the tips in glitter? The possibilities are endless!

For the table displays the flowers will be wild! A mix of foraged wildflowers and herbs and anything we can cheaply lay our hands on the day before. We don't have a garden (boo!), so my Mum and my Nan have been growing from seed - sweet peas, cornflowers, poppies, dahlias and amenomes (this is her side porch). The sweet peas are doing really well so we'll have plenty for the tables.

So yesterday, I just quickly wrapped some of the jars with burlap (hesian), and added different ribbons, just to get an idea of what it would like like. I also put one of my succulents in a tea light holder, which looks pretty cute, and put a few pieces of quartz and amethyst amongst the flowers.

On the way home from school we gathered a few bluebells, forget-me-nots, a bit of hawthorn, and something orange flowers that grow out the front of our flats. I think daisies would look cute in the tiny bottles too. I also got some freesias for 29p - it's worth going to supermarkets late at night when they reduce the flowers right down.

I am going to keep scouting the area for flowers that I can use - and also ask friends what they have in their gardens. By early June so many will be in bloom. I particularly love hydrangeas, and one of my friends has already offered me a few blooms before the wedding. Flowers are beautiful, but in total the display has probably cost me a maximum £10 in total to decorate the whole marquee. This includes the material/ribbons and bottles and seeds. Never be afraid to ask - so many lovely people are happy to help and donate/lend things or even grow things.

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