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My bucket list for winter

This past week has been a struggle. I started feeling ill last Friday (I also locked myself out that day) I spent Saturday night throwing up, and the rest of the weekend with a terrible sore throat, swollen tonsils, ear ache and no appetite. I felt awful for Lee and the kids, as I just had no energy to do anything at all. I worked from home on Monday, but I eneded up having to take the day off sick on Tuesday as I had barely slept. It is now Thursday and I am starting to feel better (just).

It is so hard to function as a parent when you're feeling unwell. I didn't feel like cooking, as I wasn't hungry, but the kids still needed feeding. I didn't want to clean up, I didn't feel like brushing my hair, yes, I was feeling very sorry for myself!

So, I've decided, I need some things to focus on to try and get me motivated again - call it a winter bucket list. Whether or not we will do these things, I don't know, but here goes:

!. Visit an actual pumpkin patch with the children. Secretts Farm near Milford is supposed to be wonderful. I will take pictures of the kids amongst the pumpkins and we will carve them and cook with them.

2. Try some new recipes. I feel the need to eat some hearty stews to keep our stomachs nice and warm. Maybe testing out vegetables that I wouldn't normally use like turnips?!

3. Treat myself to a Serape blanket. I've always wanted one, they are so colourful and will brighten up the living room.

4. Get the train into town and visit Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross station. Why haven't we done this yet?!

5. I think Lapland UK is being a bit optimistic, so I'd settle for a trip to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park (it's free). We went two years ago and it was brilliant.

6. Look into getting myself a camera, I have had so many lovely comments about my photographs, I'm truly touched, I just use my Samsung Galaxy phone at the moment, but I'd love to start learning to use an SLR.

7. Print and frame some wedding photos - it happened four months ago people!! I think I need to see some on the wall.

8. Stay in a log cabin, somewhere with a roaring fire, surrounded by trees..... OK, OK, so maybe I'm dreaming now, but you get the gist.

Sometimes, we all do so much for others, we have to stop and think about making time for ourselves. I feel guilty about spending money on things for me, so I tend not to, we all need to spoil ourselves sometimes - not just our children!

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