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Totoro toilet roll craft

I had to share these easy Studio Ghibli inspired characters, made from toilet roll tubes, the Totoro one is my personal fave!

We always save our toilet roll tubes, but schools don't take them for junk modelling - for hygiene reasons.

I'd seen some online, so I thought we'd have a go and try out a couple of other designs too. They would make good pen holders.

I cut the shapes out myself, and the kids each painted one using acrylic paint. We left them to dry for a few hours.

Chalk pens were used to draw on any features in white - and a black sharpie marker for finer details.

The girl's both did a great job with their designs - we have Faceless from Spirited Away; Totoro (x3) and Jiji the cat.

A nice simple activity for a chilly afternoon - do you have a favourite Ghibli character?

Studio Ghibli character craft - toilet roll tubes

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