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Homemade cranberry and cinnamon decorations

As this year is flying by at an alarming rate - I thought I'd share some of my past home-made decorations with you. I have gone for the rustic, natural look.

All you will need is:

Galvanised wire (bought in Poundstretcher)

Ribbon or string

Cranberries (about £2 per box)

Cinnamon sticks

A bit of patience (threading the cranberries takes time)

I ended up bending a length of wire around a star shaped cookie cutter, but you could just do circles if you'd prefer, then I cut the wire with strong scissors.

Next skewer the cranberries and slide them along the wire. When you've finished twist the wire together and tie with a ribbon.

You'll probably have loads of cranberries left - I made a garland by threading cranberries onto a length of wire and then stabbing a cinnamon stick with a knife and every now and again adding one on. These look really festive.

I also had some dried oranges left, so I made a few more hanging decorations with those.

I have shared how to make dried orange slices in a previous post - these are pretty satisfying to make.

This year we want to go extremely festive and have lots of greenery indoors, so I best get planning now!

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