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A very quick Christmas wreath

I have totally left this to the last minute - but I had a day off work today and have been desperate to make a wreath like we did last year.

It's been that fine spray-like rain all day, with a bit of wind thrown in for good measure. The kids didn't want to walk far, so I had to settle for whatever foliage I could find around the outside of our flats.

I could not find any holly - so I had to strip a cherry laurel branch of it's leaves to use as the ring. Down the back near the railway track I collected a lot of ivy, and I also cut a bit off a pine tree and a conifer tree.

Indoors I had some dried orange slices and dried chillies, and some cranberries and plastic berries (found in the bins).

I used stretchy florists tape to bind the laurel branch into a circle. I bought this in our florists and had loads left over from our wedding. Last year we used wool to fasten it. Laurel bends well but I couldn't find a long enough branch - holly works better.

I sectioned off pieces of conifer and placed them in a circle, confier lasts well and is bushy enough to create a good base. Tie each piece on with tape or string. Florists tape works well as it is sticky and stretchy and helps retain moisture.

Keep adding layers, for the next layer I added some pine branches. Then some ivy. Just keep going until you are happy. I dried some chillies in a cupboard, they were hanging for a couple of weeks, so I added those to the wreath by hooking them on with a bit if wire.

You can really add whatever you like. I hooked on some orange slices a cinnamon stick and some "fake berries" for a bit of colour and some fresh cranberries. Then we gave it a little spray with some fake snow.

I used a bit of hesian (burlap) and some ribbon to create a bow at the top and tied the wreath to our door knocker.

Excuse the poor lighting in our corridor - but here is the finished wreath.

It smells nice too!

Well I'm at work tomorrow, and then pretty busy after - so I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas x

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