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London at Christmas

We finally got round to popping into London on Saturday, it's been a while - and it's been on my to-do list, so I looked upon it as a birthday treat.

Firstly, we should have renewed our Family and Friends travelcard! We could have saved a third off our fares! We got on the train to Victoria and then one stop on the underground to Green Park - then a few stops to Kings Cross - why!? Platform 9 3/4 of course!

Kings Cross is a lovely station anyway, but even more of a novelty as they have the Harry Potter shop next to the trolley which is embedded into the wall at Platform 9 3/4. There was a small queue with lots of tourists waiting to take a picture.

Luckily you can take your own, or buy a professional photo (£9.50) a member of staff is at the ready to put a scarf on you and flick the scarf out (to look like you're running) at the right moment. We all had a go - the staff were friendly and even took one of all of us on my phone.

Just across the road at St Pancras station is a huge Disney Christmas tree, there is fake snow falling in the shopping area and we also saw Darth Vader!

As I love to take pictures, I was pretty gutted that my battery was low, so I had to limit myself.

The next stop was Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, we jumped back on the tube back to Green Park and walked the short distance to Hyde Park - amongst the crowds.

It is as awesome as ever this year, I'm loving the Bavarian Village, there was a singer on stage, loads of lights, bratwurst, beech smoked salmon, hog roasts and beer! The rides are spectacular (but oh so expensive) I could really only afford one ride, which cost me £17 for four people!

The market was amazing - with lanterns, dreamcatchers, sweets, wooden carvings - it would be easy to spend an absolute fortune.

My phone ran out of battery before nightfall - but the whole place came to life at night time. We were pretty exhausted so got the train home, we had planned on seeing more, but we'll do that the week after Christmas when we go to the ice rink at the Natural History Museum.

If you are planning on visiting Winter Wonderland I would suggest taking some food and drinks with you. The food is not cheap - £5.50 for a basic bratwurst hotdog (no trimmings), £4 for candyfloss and more for other things like churros and crepes. It all smells so tempting.

You have to buy tokens for the rides (£1 per token) some of the rides are 9 tokens per person (but they look pretty epic) others are 5 tokens which seemed to be average.

The market area is another huge temptation, but the whole place is visually stunning - so if you can go - do!

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