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Take What You Need by Mi Moneda

Take What You Need is a fresh new brand of jewellery created by Mi Moneda. Designer Michelle decided to come up with a design for a minimal changeable bar necklace, where you can become a designer and create your own inter-changeable bar! You can even upload your own handwriting or add a sketch, personalise with names or dates and they come in gold, silver or rose gold - what's not to like?

Each bar necklace and bracelet by Take What You Need comes with an 'Inspire' bar, with a feather design. The removable bar system makes it possible to change your design regularly to fit your mood.

It comes with great bohemian packaging including a small glass corked bottle and gorgeous feathers in a trendy cardboard box. Prices start at just £42.50.

Mine has been personalised with my children's names in handwriting - there are numerous fonts that you can choose from, and designs, or you can upload your own design. It's minimal design makes it perfect for layering with other necklaces which is really fashionable at the moment.

The bars are really easy to change with a small pokey tool which pushes them out of the casing at the back, they are magnetic, so there are no worries about the bar falling out, and you can store the little tool in your glass bottle.

Check out and have a look at the fabulous designs.

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