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Zippos Circus 2016

I love the thrill of the circus, the sights, the smells, the music - it's a brilliant experience for all ages and I have great memories of going to Gerry Cottle's as a child.

We went along to Zippos Circus at Streatham Common last Saturday.

Zippos are on tour celebrating their 30th year on the road with an amazing line-up of artists hosted by Ringmaster Norman Barrett MBE.

The Big Top was beautifully lit up with carnival lights, and my children took their seats by the ringside, excitedly waiting with candy floss and their light spinners.

The audience were entertained by Mr Lorenz the Italian clown and the Timbuktu Tumblers from Kenya then the amazing skills of Romy with her spinning hoops and foot juggling.

The kids really enjoyed the little dog, called Speedy, performing with Mr N and the amazing Boris with his stunning huge white horses, who were rescued by the family, the stunts included juggling and acrobatics on horse back - the horses were just feet away from us it was amazing.

The knife throwing routine from Czech husband and wife, Toni and Nikol was brilliant - really scary stuff when he throws the knives whilst she is moving from side to side.

The children also really enjoyed the ringmaster's budgie show, with the birds performing some tricks including going down a little slide.

The Wheel of Death from Duo Galaxy was really fantastic, with the huge spinning wheel - at one point the man had a bag over his head.

The contortionist, Odka, who was dressed as a mermaid, climbed inside a plastic bottle, which in itself was amazing, she then fired a bow and arrow with her feet whilst doing a handstand managing to pop a balloon on the target!

The three performances the children enjoyed the most were Alex the Fireman with his fun routine and spinning ladder, stunts Finley really didn't quite understand how his "head" was on fire.

They loved Roseline and her acrocats - yes - really, performing kitties, with a display of agility, balance and a superman jump at the end! These are all rescue cats from France.

Finally Alex Michael on the trapeze, he climbs to the top of the Big Top and performs some nail-biting trapeze tricks and even dangles by his ankles and crosses the monkey bars upside down, without a safety net.

We really enjoyed the circus, the show lasted two hours with an interval in the middle where you have the chance to have a photograph with one of the horses. Usual refreshments are available, including popcorn and candy floss. The spinning lights are £5 each.

This bank holiday weekend, May 26-31, 2016, Zippos Circus will be coming to Beddington Park in Wallington.

Tickets are available from £9 adults and £7.50 upwards for children. Visit or call 0871 210 2100.

Pictures by Sarah Stockley, Piet-Hein Out & Zippo's Circus.

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