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#ExplorerKids - August Round-up

August has been a busy month! We've enjoyed trying out lots of new activities and had some fantastic days out.

#ExplorerKids is reaching its 6th month! To date almost 3700 images have been tagged on Instagram from all over the world.

To celebrate six months, Su from Ethan and Evelyn and I will be choosing 8 pictures to feature each week instead of 4.

Anybody at all can join in with #ExplorerKids - you don't have to write a blog. Just tag pictures of children exploring, adventuring, on their travels or at home.

My favourites from August are:

Top row: @tarajgreaves @outbackchildhood @twowanderkids

Middle row: @maorlan @campfiresandkids @ingridcph

Bottom row: @clarina1985 @theordinarymum @cardiffmummysays

This is a global community with pictures being tagged from all over the world. I love scrolling through daily and looking in awe at all the lovely photographs. The above pictures were taken in the UK, Australia, Egypt, Spain, Alaska, Nepal, and Scandinavia. What a well travelled bunch of kids.

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