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PrinterPix review and special offer

I take a lot of photos and until recently most of them had been stored on my phone or an SD card.

Gone are the days where I used to pop to the chemist and wait patiently for my film to be developed - our pictures are now constantly at our disposal, proudly displayed on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Earlier this year I printed some of my favourites and created a gallery wall in our living room.

Since I have had a DSLR camera, I am taking more pictures than ever and have some that I would really love to adorn our staircase.

PrinterPix offer lots of services including canvases, Instagram polaroids, photo books, calendars, mugs and gifts.

During the rainbow challenge that I set myself I gathered a lot of colourful images of my children in fields.

I decided that I'd like to get one of them printed onto canvas and opted for the 24”x 16” canvas with varnishing, canvas cloth and a hanging kit.

The site was easy to use and the canvas arrived within a few days of being ordered. The canvas also has the print round the edging and the finish has a nice sheen to it.

The overall quality is excellent, my picture does it no justice as my staircase is quite dark.

Here you can see some of the prints I have made into a bit of a gallery wall in our living room.

The canvas was easy to hang too.

I'm really happy with how it has turned out - just a note though, if you are ordering a large print, make sure that the image is over 3MB to assure good quality.

I would love to order some Instagram pictures soon and create a display with them in our bedroom.

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