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So, I've set up an Etsy Shop

I've always enjoyed being creative - I have many ideas in my head and loads of Pinterest boards with heaps of inspiration. I made all the decorations for our wedding, including the invitations, wedding signs, tissue pompoms, dream catchers.......if it could be made then I did it myself!

People would say to me: "You're wasted in an office, you should be doing this for a living!"

I never really listened but I've continued to make things for myself, until recently.

I decided to make a few dream catchers and thought I'd test the water by putting them on Facebook. Within a few minutes I'd had a few requests from friends, people were actually willing to pay for things that I'd made!

I've been toying with the idea of setting up an Etsy shop for some time and since being made redundant in June, I've realised I really don't want to just be sat in an office all day when I could potentially be making money doing something I love.

So....Willow Moon Dreamers was born! It's early days as I'm finishing off a lot of designs and I need to photograph them all properly and promote them! I've already had some interest through Instagram and I'm hoping this could be the kick-start of something good.

I make my dream catchers using either natural wood such as willow or vines or steal hoops. They are decorated with natural hemp cord or vintage doilies (your choice) and can be customised to any colour. I use suede cord and recycled Sari yarn along with wooden beads, quartz crystals and a variety of feathers including peacock and pheasant.

Each one is handmade to order and will come with a little tag explaining about the old Sioux Indian legend:

The legend says that dreamcatchers were hung in lodges and teepees to assure peaceful dreams. The good dreams, knowing the way, slip through the webbing and down the feather to the sleeper. The bad dreams, become entangled in the web and melt away at the first light of day.

My mission, in the meantime, is to start promoting my page, take some more photographs, set up social media and do a giveaway. Watch this space!

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