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PrinterPix calendars

When you have a family with busy schedules (seriously the social life of my children is quite mental) then a calendar is a necessity. I keep one of the planner style ones by our front door so I can check it on the way out to make sure I haven't forgotten any dentist appointments, birthdays, class assemblies, clubs - the list is endless.

I recently used the company PrinterPix for the first time and reviewed one of their canvases, I was really pleased with the quality of their printing, so when they asked me to create two calendars with them I jumped at the chance.

I created one Wall Calendar and one Kitchen Calendar both were easy to put together. You can choose the size, the theme, change the background colours, add important dates and also upload your photos from Facebook or upload from your computer.

I added a cover image to each one. It is best to upload from your computer as the image quality is much sharper than Facebook uploads (especially for bigger images).

The calendars arrived quickly and I am really impressed again with the overall quality of them. They are printed on glossy paper, the colours and vibrant and the printing is crisp.

As you can see the pages are double sided and I have added in a few birthdays to relevant dates. There is also the option to add pictures in these spaces if you wish.

So far I have been very pleased with everything I have ordered from PrinterPix - soon I'd love to make a Photobook and get some Instgram polaroids printed as you can make some great displays with the little polaroid sqaures.

PrinterPix always have good sales and special offers on too. Personalised calendars make nice Christmas pressies for family and I have a special offer of 60% off when you use the code SKC. Visit PrinterPix to place an order and receive your discount (p&p applies).

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