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#ExplorerKids - Round-up #34

Welcome back to #ExplorerKids from a rather damp South East England. I have loved all the pictures being tagged this week, we've now reached 8,700 in our gallery. People tag pictures from all over the world so we are getting a real contrast of the seasons.

For those new to this page - I co-created the #ExplorerKids hashtag with Su from Ethan and Evelyn - we wanted a place where people could share pictures of their kids exploring and having adventures all over the world.

Each Tuesday we both pick four favourites to feature so make sure you give @kippersandcurtains and @ethannevelyn a follow and we'll follow you back.

All are welcome to join in - just use the hashtag on Instagram and we'll find your photos.

My four favourites this week are:

Top left: @sophieblovett - I love this cool shot taken in Puerto Calero in Lanzarote - looks like they had a great holiday!

Top right: @topsyturvytribe - 'The world is endlessly fascinating to those who take the time to look.' Marty Rubin. I really loved this picture taken in the park in Loja, Spain.

Bottom left: @mosheremeta - Magic happens at sunset! It certainly does. This is a great feed to follow with some stunning pictures taken off the coast of North Carolina, USA.

Bottom right: @honeytea84 - Sweden looks like a magical place right now - this young explorer is having a go at sledging on his own for the first time.

Thank you all for joining us with your wonderful pictures, Su and I really do look forward to looking through all the tagged images every day.

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