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#ExplorerKids - Round-up #36

Welcome back to #ExplorerKids - the hashtag for family adventures. I have loved all the pictures being tagged this week, we've now reached 9,500 in our gallery - wow. Su and I are amazed with all the fantastic adventures you guys go on - so thank you!

For those new to this page - I co-created the #ExplorerKids hashtag with Su from Ethan and Evelyn - we wanted a place where people could share pictures of their kids exploring and having adventures all over the world.

Each Tuesday we both pick four favourites to feature so make sure you give @kippersandcurtains and @ethannevelyn a follow and we'll follow you back.

All are welcome to join in - just use the hashtag on Instagram and we'll find your photos. It's also a great place to find other accounts to follow.

As we are nearing 10,000 tagged images we will have to do something to celebrate!

My four favourites this week are:

Top left - @sweetsell002_ - This family live in Guam an island east of the Philippines. Mrs K's pictures are always awesome so go on, give her a follow.

Top right - @twowanderkids - A Sunday walk in the woods looking at the beautiful mountain panorama in the Northern Italian Alps. Wow!

Bottom left - @theuntetheredlife - This Arkansas family discovered a colourful field during a Thanks Giving mishap. A great account to follow full of beautiful photos.

Bottom right - @livingez - No need for tulips, we stroll through blossoming jacaranda. Definitely a family favourite from springtime in Sydney, Australia. What a beautiful tree.

Please go and give these great accounts a follow on Instagram.

In the next week or so we are hoping to go along to Knole Park in Kent to see some deer and hopefully some Christmas activities.

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