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#ExplorerKids - Round-up #40

Yay! Every week just gets better - 11,193 tagged images on #ExplorerKids - this is amazing to have so many fabulous pictures tagged every week. Thanks guys!

For those new to this page - I co-created the #ExplorerKids hashtag with Su from Ethan and Evelyn - we wanted a place where people could share pictures of their kids exploring and having adventures all over the world.

We enjoyed quite a relaxed Christmas day and are headed down to Cornwall to visit family for a couple of days.

To celebrate reaching over 10K images (and the month of December) each Tuesday we will both pick eight favourites to feature so make sure you give @kippersandcurtains and @ethannevelyn a follow and we'll follow you back.

All are welcome to join in - just use the hashtag on Instagram and we'll find your photos. It's also a great place to find other accounts to follow.

My 8 favourites this week are:

Top left: @whatalisees - Summer holidays ☀️- a nice way to avoid the pre-Christmas mania in Melbourne, Australia.

Top left: @linzhooper - Gorgeous winter sun on Brighton beach in England.

Bottom left: @ _jessarose_ - Always lovely photos on this feed. This picture was taken at Fairfield Church in Kent.

Bottom right: @urskyburz - Wishing you a Merry Christmas from Switzerland.

Top left: @the_litttleadventurer - When a ceiling can stop a five year old in their tracks, you know it must be pretty spectacular... This was taken in Prague.

Top right: - t's all in the details.... I never tire of seeing the craftsmanship of the most ordinary things here in Venice. Around every corner there is always something more beautiful to look at.

Bottom left: @marisellea - Christmas eve at Washington DC.

Bottom right - @treaclebeet - I always wish it would snow over Christmas it looks like this little one had great fun.

Please keep tagging your photos - we really do enjoy looking at all of them.

Head over to Ethan and Evelyn to see Su's choices.

We hope you all enjoy the rest of your Christmas celebrations and have a very happy New Year.

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