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#ExplorerKids - Round-up #43

There are just heaps of amazing photographs on #ExplorerKids - there are always so many to choose from making it tough to choose just four every week.

For those new to this page - I co-created the #ExplorerKids hashtag with Su from Ethan and Evelyn - we wanted a place where people could share pictures of their kids exploring and having adventures all over the world.

Since we started this hashtag over 12,775 pictures have been tagged on Instagram! Each Tuesday Su and I pick four favourites to feature so make sure you give @kippersandcurtains and @ethannevelyn a follow and we'll follow you back.

All are welcome to join in - just use the hashtag on Instagram and we'll find your photos. It's also a great place to find other accounts to follow.

My four favourites this week are:

Top left: @daisythebus - "And off we go into our everyday wonderland. We're fortunate enough to live in the Mullerthal, Luxembourg and I don't think I will ever grow tired of forest like this."

Top right: @tripleespresso2go - This lucky family have been travelling the North Island of New Zealand, it looks stunning! They also blog about their travels too so check out their feed for more details.

Bottom left: @newyoungmum - Always lovely pictures on Alice's feed - this gorgeous picture was taken in England.

Bottom right: @markaglede - We thought our snow was good! Check out Sjusjøen in Norway - this little one is wearing snow shoes!

These accounts all deserve a follow!

Don't forget to look at Su's four favourites on Ethan and Evelyn too.

Here is one of my favourite pictures this week from my own feed. These two do get on, they have their moments, but it's rare to get a picture of them having fun together.

Have a great week everyone!

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