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Stick weaving

It's pretty obvious from all my photographs and of course my blog - that we are big fans of the great outdoors. Sometimes my three do need a bit of extra encouragement to get away from the TV - so I've been bringing a few extra bits with me when we go out walking.

We had a little go at weaving at Into the trees festival in Sussex, this is obviously going to be weaving on a smaller scale, but it's an effective craft which anyone can have a go at.

You won't need much, just some string, wool or ribbons and the rest is up to you. This could be done in your garden, at the park or woods or even on a camping trip.

When your out on your travels pick up some sticks, ones with a forked end are perfect or you could use a few to make a square shape and fasten them together with string to make a loom.

Then you can start getting creative with the wool or ribbons. Just string the wool back and forth in lines all the way down your loom.

You can then weave in out in the other direction with different colours, you can even poke in bits of grass, flowers, twigs and leaves.

This was Shannon's attempt (unaided). Some of the ones I've seen are really intricate. Take a look at Pinterest for some more ideas.

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