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A year of #ExplorerKids

Wow! I can hardly believe how quickly one year has gone by. In early March 2016, I received an email from Su, another blogger, I had been joining in with Su's blog linky callled #FabFridayPost for a few weeks, over at Ethan and Evelyn.

Su had an idea of starting up a hashtag on Instagram, she said she loved my photos and wondered if I would like to come on board as a co-host. I was extremely flattered to be asked and Instagram is, by far, my favourite form of social media. So, we brainstormed over a name (this was all done via email) - we knew we wanted it to involve travel, adventure and children and - after many variations we came up with #ExplorerKids.

Neither of us knew if it would take-off or whether anybody would actually join in! So we set off trying to promote the hashtag on Instagram, I must admit - the first week I ended up asking friends if they would tag their photos and if I could feature them. But gradually it started to grow and people all over the world started tagging their photos with #ExplorerKids. The community now boasts over 17,500 beautiful images.

So, to celebrate a whole year of #ExplorerKids we have each chosen 12 of our favourite images to feature. Out of the 24 pictures, two will be chosen to win one of my handmade dream catchers. Please give @kippersandcurtains and @ethannevelyn a follow.

Here are 12 of my favourites images:

Top left: @daisythebus - "And off we go into our everyday wonderland. We're fortunate enough to live in the Mullerthal, Luxembourg and I don't think I will ever grow tired of forest like this." I found something very magical about this photo.

Top right: @treaclebeet - This family are supporters of small brands and take the most fantastic pictures, lots of them on an abandoned railway track in the UK. I loved the colourful balloons - it reminds me of the film Up!

Middle left: @hola_lafamily - "A perfect Blue Mountains day trip with the kiddos 💙 Jellybean pool...with a name like that, who could resist to a good splash? Blue Mountains are such an amazing place... Summer time in Australia is a serious thing and temperature has reached 42c again (probably the hottest summer of our lives). This account features some amazing photography.

Middle right: @freerange_fairytale - "Though she be but little, she is fierce". {Shakespeare} I love all the photos on this feed.

Bottom left: @familyroadtrip - "Nature is not a place to visit. It is home." -Gary Snyder. This is another account that fills me with wanderlust. This was taken at Yoho National Park in Canada.

Bottom right: @travelling_family - "Strolling sisters at Bouddhanath, Nepal. They look like part of Charlie's Angels." This Danish family are currently living in Nepal and I just adore their photos.

Top left: @bethcagnoni - Coffee-drinking, Jesus-following mama of 4, trying to capture the beauty in the midst of the chaos. I just loved the colours in this picture!

Top right: @littleadventuresinfinland - Mom and four kids having outdoor adventures in - so many stunning images here.

Middle left: @babeur4 - Philadelphia lover. French. American-to-be. Traveller. My muses are my kids and the world around them. This stunning picture was taken in the French mountains.

Middle right: @tales_of_boyhood - "Crowsfoot Glacier is perched over Bow Lake in the Canadian Rockies. We had to climb down from the viewing point and hike through some dense brush in order to get up close to that emerald water, but boy was it worth it."

Bottom left: @mosheremeta - Everyone of Maureen's pictures are stunning. Taken on the OuterBanks, North Carolina.

Bottom right: @tripleespresso2go - Coffee ☕ Family 👪 Travel 🌏 List-maker. Blogger. Coffee-loving Wanderer Currently in: Wellington Next destination: Sydney. This lovely shot was taken in New Zealand.

Well there you have it - my top 12! Now who to choose as a winner?! This is a toughie.....

But, this is one of my absolute favourites by babeur4 - I just love it. Well done Berenice a dream catcher will be coming your way.

As #ExplorerKids grows - Su and I have decided to start featuring a daily image every Wednesday as well as our four favourites of the week every Tuesday. Thank you to all who tag us we are truly grateful.

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