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#FreeSpiritedChildhood - Round-up #5

Hello, We're back again with week 5 of the #FreeSpiritedChildhood hashtag - it now has over 1,200 pictures in the gallery - thank you so much to those who have tagged pictures so far - it's an amazing amount for a new hashtag.

The definition of free spirited childhood to us means - to let you child get messy, run barefoot, explore nature. We'd love to see any pictures of your little wild ones with salty hair, sandy toes, running through fields and enjoying childhood in general.

You don't need to be a blogger to join us - you just need an Instagram account - just make sure you tag #FreeSpiritedChildhood.

Every Friday, Katy and I will pick our four favourite to feature, so make sure you follow Kippersandcurtains and over on Instagram and check our blogs every Friday for the round-up.

The pictures being tagged are absolutely perfect! We have tough decisions to pick just 4 each every Friday.

My four favourites this week are:

Top left: @smyvanwy - Let's swim in a bucket! Why not indeed!?

Top right: - Have to give credit to hubby who took this cool photo of our 8 year old at the London Sealife Centre yesterday. She's suddenly become a bookworm which is exciting as I really want her to love getting into a good book, just as I did at around her age. Though the photo is actually for a school homework project. "Take photographs of yourself reading in strange places." I think you'll agree the shark tank is as strange as it gets!

Bottom left: @clarepod - A little beauty on this miserable rainy day.

Bottom right: @mrs.chellebelle - A posy of flowers that we collected whilst on our Sunday stroll.....I was quite amazed at how many colours we managed to find!

All of these amazing accounts deserve a follow - so much inspiration to be found from looking at their photographs.

Katy is sharing her four favourites over at Otis and Us, so please do go and have a read.

Thank you for joining our growing community - we can't wait to see what has been tagged next week.

Sarah & Katy

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