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Family Holidays with Simpson Travel

"Mum, when are we going to go on a plane?"

This is a question I often get asked by my kids. You see the last time we went on a plane was 2008.

We had a two year old and a six month old in tow - and we went to Majorca for a week.

It was brilliant, so why haven't we left the country in almost 10 years? There is of course a simple answer..... money.

I yearn to travel - but as a family of five on a tight budget it just hasn't been possible. Six years ago we also added our son to the mix and had to have compulsory building work on our block of flats to the sum of £5,500. Any disposable income went out the window as we've been gradually paying this off.

So, why am I writing this post?

The lovely people at Simpson Travel are looking for two families to become 2018 brand ambassadors and I am giving them a shy little wave towards my blog - Cooee.

I shouldn't grumble about our lack of holidays - we have been camping in the UK for the last two years and we are also extremely lucky to have family in Cornwall who we stay with once a year. I think we are longing for a change of scenery and the excitement of visiting another country.

Where would we go?

I can safely say my taste has changed since my first holidays in the late 90s - I was in my teens and more interested in the nightlife than anything else.

Nowadays I am focused on my family but I'd say we are a bit more "rustic" than most - a villa holiday appeals, we are wanderers - always off exploring. The #ExplorerKids community on Instagram that I co-created with another blogger Su over a year ago gives me so much travel inspiration. I love a bit of history and am a bit partial to turquoise doors - so Greece is calling to me. Lee and I visited a few Greek islands before we had children including Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Kos.

Photography is a big passion of mine - I lug my camera about everywhere much to the amusement of my kids - I would get a huge amount of pleasure out of documenting a vacation.

What could you expect from us?

Gallivanting off the beaten track. Our kids are no strangers to long hikes - we'd try and head away from the main attractions and look at the country with fresh eyes.

Lots of pretty pictures - it's just what I love to do.

Honest reviews from all of us, from food to accommodation to local attractions - we'll write about the things people really want to know.

So, in the words of Meredith Grey: "Pick Me, Choose Me......"

You get the gist.

If you are a blogger and fancy a shot at becoming a Simpson Travel ambassador - click here to find out more.

*Greek images from Pixabay*

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