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The Japanese and Sushi Robots

Do you like rice?

If you do, then you’d love sushi. What’s not to like about it? It’s often a rice ball or cube stuffed with healthy vegetables and meat or other ingredients. It’s absolutely adored in Japan. Every sushi lover in Japan would have that one sushi place that they’d like to go ever so often to and indulge in their favourite food. It feels like home with an all-you-can eat-buffet coupled with a great ambience.

When it comes to choices of sushi rolls, you have the Sake Nigiri or raw salmon, Ika Nigiri (squid), Salmon roe (salmon eggs), Unagi (broiled freshwater eel accompanied by a sweet sauce), Kappa maki (cucumber), a lean tuna cut called Maguro Nigiri and many more. These are all common in Japanese sushi places and prepared by trained chefs. But they take a lot of time to prepare. Sushi Robots Automate the Process. A sushi robot can create thousands of sushi rolls every hour, which means that there can be sushi for everyone available at cheap rates. Since it takes almost a decade of training to prepare sushi for chefs, it can be more expensive and time-consuming. Sushi Robots solve this issue by mass production of sushi. There are different sushi robots for preparing different recipes and that means the ever-growing demand for sushi in Japan can be satisfied by way of automating the sushi making process.

There Will Always Be Some Critics

There are some people in Japan who think the tender love and care that goes into preparing a sushi roll cannot be replaced by robots. But there are some who believe that sushi robots are paving the way for the next revolution in sushi preparation. Sushi robots can now prepare a number of different sushi rolls quickly that allows more variety of sushi to be prepared.

With the growing wave of technology, sushi robots will be common and are supplied to the places where there are a lot of people and not enough time to serve. This may be all-you can eat buffets, hospitals, schools, sports arenas and other places.

There are places in Australia along with Japan where sushi chefs cannot handle the amount of people that is coming in to eat sushi. With machines from, the quality and taste of the sushi compares to that of the sushi prepared by some of the world’s top sushi chefs. This means that the demand for sushi will be met effectively.

New Sushi Robots Coming Japan’s Way

The Japanese are more accepting of technological advances in general and the new sushi robots will surely be a nice addition to that arsenal of technological devices. These cute little red robots are no more than 3 feet tall and will be able to deliver sushi for people at their doorstep. This is great news for people who are accustomed to staying at home and ordering. These little robots are designed to carry up to 60 people’s sushi and are safe and efficient (they don’t move at more than 4mph or 6.44 kmh).

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