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5 Tour Gifts for Those Who Enjoy Water Adventures in Sydney

Receiving a gift is delightful experience, and when it’s chosen keeping the recipient’s taste and choice in mind, it can be even more heart warming.

If your gift’s recipient in Sydney is into water sports and adventures, you have come to the perfect place. Here you will find 5 exciting tours to gift to your friends and family!

1 – Snorkelling

If you love getting a closer glimpse of underwater marine life, nothing beats snorkelling. It invokes a great feeling of pride since not many people get a chance to do it. The moment you hit water, it wakes up the hidden Aquaman inside.

Snorkelling is an adventure within the confines of being a controlled activity. On the tour, visitors are accompanied by expert snorkelers, who will guide them and stay by their side through the journey.

Snorkelers can see seadragons, elegant wrasse, cuttlefish and blue groper in particular around Sydney, but there are around 600 species total that populate the waters. Swimming surrounded by colourful marine life is one of the most unforgettable experiences - well worth being recorded on a camera to cherish for life.

2 – Scuba Diving

If one is adventurous enough to want a spine-chilling experience that triggers the much sought after adrenaline injection, scuba diving is the ideal present.

In a scuba diving tour, experts prepare visitors to stay relaxed while in water. They teach divers how to conduct themselves and their apparatus when deep in the sea.

At the time of preparation, you could be forgiven for thinking that you’re getting ready to go to space, as there is so much gear involved, like masks, snorkel, fins, BCD, regulator, weight system, submersible pressure gauge, dive computer, dive watch, knife and flashlight, etc.

And the list does not end there.

From preparation to tour completion, it will consume half a day or a little more, so divers should be come mentally prepared for this.

3 – Whale Watching

If your gift recipient is more into enjoying views instead of getting in contact with water, the ideal tour in Sydney from the would be whale watching. It is an amazing experience taking a look at these gigantic sea creatures. Since whales don’t stay permanently at one place, one may not see them all through the year.

The best times to go whale watching are the last week of June and early July. You have better chances of sighting them during the mornings and early afternoons.

To reserve the tour for guaranteed whale watching, please visit

4 – Jet Boat Ride

The Jet Boat Ride is another thrilling activity that can be gifted. Just think about it – riding through the tides at speeds of around 75 km per hour.

The best thing about boat hire is that it doesn’t require special preparations as is the case with scuba diving and snorkelling. But the level of excitement on offer is more if not equal.

Visitors have to go through necessary safety measures and are given life jacket and waterproof ponchos for added security. A ride’s usual duration is 30 minutes.

5 – Flyboarding

Flyboarding was introduced in Sydney in 2012 and has become one of the most popular water adventures. The powerful jet nozzles help you fly in the air over the tides – a thrill unlike any other. It’s also a fully controlled and safe activity though. To make it more exciting, the device is attached to feet which allows diving into and merging out of water. Receiving any of these water adventures in Sydney as a gift is sure to make someone’s day. These adventures will produce memories worth cherishing for the rest of life, and you will be a prominent and permanent part of these memories.

*Pic source Pixabay*

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