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Tips for Redecorating your Children’s Rooms

A few month ago we made the decision to move into the living room to give my daughter her own bedroom. We are running low on space and with the only other option being an extension - this seemed like the best option. Now the bedroom needs to be completely redecorated.

Giving a makeover to your kids bedroom is not an easy task. From trying to keep it practical and inexpensive to creating an environment that reflects their personality, there's a lot to consider. Here are a few ideas when you’re looking to redecorate your kids bedroom while still keeping an eye on those pennies.

Use Neutral Colours

If you are thinking of painting the walls of the bedroom, why not try a more neutral colour like white or a light grey instead of the gender stereotypes colours. These colours are incredibly practical because as they grow up and their tastes change, the wall colour is versatile enough to work with new furniture and accessories.

You can use colour in the bedding and decorative pieces for example to bring that character to the room. As previously mentioned, you can mix and match these accessories for years to come without having to repaint.


Decorations and accessories have the ability to make or break a room. The best way of decorating a kids room is to keep it adolescent and light in appearance. Perhaps display some of their achievements, whether that be trophies or art work, something that makes them happy. You can also use fairy lights for that dreamy and imaginative atmosphere to further emphasise that fun environment.

Create their own small work place If they have already started doing homework or exams then it is a good idea to create their own designated space to study and work. We’re not saying you need to buy a desk with a computer and spend lots of money, but you can always provide them with a table and a chair where they can work without being interrupted. Even if they haven’t started bringing homework back from school, a table is still a good idea as they will be able to do crafts and other creative things.

Choosing a floor

The floor in your kids bedroom has to be able to handle spillages and scratches for obvious reasons. It is however understandable that you might not want to do a huge renovation in case you need to replace it in the near future. Don’t look to a carpet, it is a magnet for any kind of dirt, dust and debris and it is even less of a good idea if your child suffers from any kind of allergies. Try instead something like vinyl floor tiles. They are one of the cheapest floors on the market and have the advantage of being water resistant, extremely hardwearing and durable. This makes them ideal for kids bedrooms where theres likely to be an increased level of activity. These floors are effortlessly easy to maintain needing only a regular sweep and or hoover and a mop. The water resistance we mentioned previously is the key selling factor for kid bedroom as it will make spills and cleaning that bit easier. Some people view vinyl as a cheap, lower quality material. However, continuing advancements in manufacturing means that vinyl tiles are now made to a beautiful quality. Not only this, but they are available in a huge range of styles and designs, including wood and tile.

So there you have it, some tips that will help you when redecorating your children's bedroom. Don’t forget to make your children participate in the decisions, allow them to reflect their personality in the decor by making them choose some of the items and furniture.

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