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Five Budget Cleaning Hacks For When You're Broke

When you plan your weekend deep clean of the kitchen and bathrooms, it’s likely that you head out to the shops to stock up on cleaning fluids, bleaches and cloths to get everything done in one hit. Cleaning isn’t an activity in the home that anyone actually enjoys doing, but it’s one that is necessary if you don’t want to end up living in a pigsty. The other thing about the weekend deep clean is that you don’t actually have to head out to the supermarkets and pay for the latest cleaning brands.

Keeping the cleaning budget-friendly is far easier when you’re dealing with laminate flooring at FDF instead of deep pile carpet. There’s no Rug Doctor to have to hire and you won’t need carpet cleaning shampoos and sprays. Everyone wants to be able to save both time and money on their home cleaning, and with these five hacks you can keep your budget happy and your house smelling like roses.

Water & Vinegar. Magic formula number one is mixing a 50:50 ratio of water and vinegar. We’re not talking the vinegar that goes over your fish and chips, either. White vinegar is what you need to look for, and you can use this solution on pretty much every surface. For glass and windows, spray on and wipe off with kitchen towels instead of cloths and you’ll see how beautiful your windows shine up.

Microwave Steam Clean. If you add two tablespoons of the white vinegar to three drops of your favourite scent (essential oils for the win!) and clean water, you can steam clean your microwave and have it smelling amazing. Blast it all for five minutes and then wipe over. No elbow grease or scrubbing brushes!

Cola Drink Scrub. You’ve hopefully heard of this one, but if you are looking to put down the fizzy drinks, dump the cola down the toilet. Pull the flush and watch how sparkly your toilet bowl looks. Check out this link to see how it works.

Grapefruit. Not many people have heard of this one, but if you cut a grapefruit in half you can get rid of the soap scum and stains in the bathtub that take a little longer to get rid of. Make sure you add some rock salt on top of the grapefruit before you get started. Bonus? The whole room will smell amazing!

Nice Rice. Believe it or not, the bag of rice in the cupboard can be an amazing cleaning hack for you, especially if you love flowers. Fill vases with rice, warm water and washing up liquid, cover them over and shake until completely clean. Rinse them out before letting them dry on the draining board. The rice gets into all the nooks and crannies your cleaning cloths may have missed.

You don’t have to buy the entire cleaning aisle in the local supermarket or upgrade the hoover in the cupboard. A little bit of creativity can go a long way!

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