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Give Turkey a chance the next time you travel

It’s pretty common that a lot of people tend to play it pretty safe when it comes to travelling. People often stick to the most popular destinations so that they can be sure of what they’re getting. However, doing that ignores one of the very best things about getting to travel: exploring brand new places and experiencing what it’s like to find yourself in a totally new place that you have no experience of whatsoever! One of the most underrated travel destinations in the world is Turkey. Despite having a huge amount to offer, Turkey ends up getting ignored by a lot of travellers simply because they don’t hear about it all that often. In order to remedy that, here are some reasons why you should make sure that Turkey is the next destination on your travel to-do list.

*Pic source Pexels*

Incredible food

When you first arrive in Turkey the smell of the food there can be pretty astonishing. Those who are used to western food with relatively subtle flavours should get ready for a shock. With influences from all over the world, the food in turkey is some of the most flavourful and exciting in the world. Being able to experience the best restaurants in Istanbul with views of the surrounding city is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their life. There really is no end to the amazing variety that you’re guaranteed to find in the various vendors and restaurants all over the country.

Beautiful beaches

Turkey might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of a relaxing beach vacation. However, there are some truly amazing beaches all over the country that offer the most wonderfully serene experiences possible. After all, you get to spend your time on golden sands looking out over the Mediterranean, delicious drink in hand and the sun shining on your face. Let’s face it, what could be more perfect than that? And one of the best parts is that, because Turkey isn’t the most popular travel destination in the world, you’re likely to find beaches that feel like a slice of paradise that you have all to yourself.

Value for money

One of the biggest problems with travelling to many of the most popular destinations in the world is just how expensive it can be. Everything from flights to accommodation to just being able to buy food can leave your wallet empty before you’ve even unpacked your bags. One of the really wonderful things about turkey is just how amazing it is when it comes to value for money. Turkey is the kind of place where you can stay in an amazing hotel, spend the day shopping and then go for a delicious evening meal and still come away with some change in your wallet. Sure, travelling is never going to be the cheapest thing in the world but destinations like Turkey allow you to experience as much as possible, even if you’re working on a relatively tight budget.

The Bazaars

Speaking of shopping, it can often be pretty frustrating when you’re travelling to somewhere and you want to bring back some souvenirs of your trip, but the only things that you can find are cheap knick-knacks designed to tempt tourists. One of the best things about Turkey is the sheer amount of stores and Bazaars that offer a whole host of different things to buy. Most of the things that you can buy are handmade and totally unique, offering you the chance to bring something back from your trip that you could never have found anywhere else in the world.

The people

If there’s one thing that you have to do when you visit Turkey, it’s spending time with the locals. There are not many people more hospitable and welcoming than people who live in Turkey. If you take the time to get to know them, you’re pretty likely to come away from your trip having made some genuine lifelong friends.

The wonderful thing is that this doesn’t even scratch the surface of all of the amazing things that Turkey has to offer. From the natural beauty outside of the cities to the well preserved historical sites, it would be impossible to experience all of Turkey’s wonders in a single trip. Of course, you shouldn’t look up everything that Turkey has in store for you in advance. One of the best things about travelling is the way in which thing can surprise you and take your breath away and there’s no sense in ruining that surprise for yourself!

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*Pictures sourced from Pixabay*

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