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Finding a place to properly let loose

When it comes to being yourself, there’s no place you can do it better than inside of your own house. You can dress how you want, act how you want, eat how you want, and you can take a nap whenever you need to. Everything you’re sometimes afraid to do when you’re out and about, you have every right to practice when you’re at home!

But sometimes, we still feel obligated to look pretty and act prim when we’re alone. And that just won’t do when you’re on your journey to being able to feel good and let loose! And whilst you’re still working up the courage to dress and act the way you want when you’re out and about, you can practice to your heart’s content inside your own space with the company you choose. This is your place, and you shouldn’t ever feel bad for being able to enjoy yourself within it!

And there’s plenty of way for you to do that. Sometimes we get ourselves into such a routine we never let ourselves break away from it, and it can leave us feeling a little ugly and maybe a little unlovable. So take down your hair, and put your feet up, it’s time for some self care. And with that in mind, here’s a couple of tips for making sure you feel comfortable wherever you are, by starting right at home with building your confidence.

Break out your best dresses and get to working on your self esteem; you deserve it!

Invite Your Friends Over

And not just for a good night either! Invite someone round to spend the day with you, as you can have coffee with them, put on a movie marathon, try some yoga or put on a Zumba DVD etc. Everything you could do with someone you love by your side, do it together, and right at home! Because not only is this going to help get you out of your shell because you’ll have someone next to you to talk through things and complement each other, but because exposing yourself to another person is always handy for building your confidence for the rest of the outside world.

And hey, if you want to throw a party, that’s absolutely fine as well. Proving your worth as a good hostess is fantastic for impressing the people around you, but it’s good mostly for impressing yourself! Plus, you can dress up for the occasion and look absolutely fantastic surrounded by your own four walls, and you can change your clothes and touch up your hair and makeup whenever you need to.

Get Dressed Up For Yourself

Dressing up for yourself is something a lot of people underestimate. They think they don’t have to put any effort in if no one else is around, but that’s the other side of the harmful idea that you always have to impress people no matter where you are or what you’re doing! But what about you and what you think of yourself?! So feel free to get dressed up for yourself when you’re alone and just in your house, as you’re going to do your confidence the world of good away from prying eyes. After all, you’re worth your own attention as much as anybody else is!

If you don’t have a floor length mirror, now’s the time to invest in one, as it’s your time to put on your own fashion parade and take plenty of selfies whilst you’re at it. When you can see all of yourself at once, you’re going to be much more appreciative of the way you look, and not just focus on your face. You’re already looking cute up there, and now’s the time to understand the rest of you looks cute too! Even if you haven’t shaved your legs or rubbed some oil into your skin to minimise your pores, a mirror that shows you all of you will help you to focus on the good parts of your body.

Try out all the experimental styles you were too nervous to put on your body before, and finally work out whether you could feel comfortable and even a little sexy in them when you’re out and about. And hey, you might as well make a spa day out of it at the same time. You’re practicing some good self care here after all! Have a nice bath, get some smelly candles out, put some lotion on your skin, and shine your way to perfection.

Maybe Even Try Setting Down Your Roots Properly

When you’re finding a place you can properly be yourself within, you’re going to need to make sure you’re in a comfortable neighborhood with people you know around you. And when you’re opening your window, you don’t want to get judged for singing at the top of your voice!

All in all, this might be a good time for you to get yourself on the property ladder, and find the place of your dreams where you can really feel like you grace the walls you’re wandering amongst. It’s something a lot of people underestimate, but having some good surroundings will make such a huge difference to your self esteem.

And hey, there’s a good mortgage out there for you to obtain from your bank or another trusty lender you might find online, and that’s going to afford your paradise palace for you.

Ready to Feel Like the Princess You Really Are?

And princesses can take all kinds of forms remember, so don’t feel bad for wanting to try out some ‘stereotypical’ looks. This is your life and your looks, and you should live and wear them however you want.

So put glitter on your face, draw your lips on bigger than they actually are, wear a wig that perfectly accentuates your cheeks or go natural with the amazing hair you have. You’re going to look good, and hopefully you’re going to feel just as good whilst you’re doing it!

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