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13 fun features that can add to your interior design

When it comes to creating interiors that you love, it’s always going to be important for you to have fun with it. There’s something about interior design that can feel incredibly high pressured. And it can be overwhelming too. Whether you’re worried about making design mistakes, or you’re just not really making things work together, it can be tough. But it has to be something that you can let go, and just enjoy. It’s so fun to play around with different designs, and you can often get the best results when you just let your creativity flow. So how can you make that happen?

One of the most important ways that you can do that, is to just focus on fun features in the decor. If you really want to be able to bring out the best in your decor and just enjoy it, then you need to focus on things that will make that happen. If you’re just focusing on the paint colors, or the flooring choices, then you will find that the end result is a little bit bland. When you want it to look great, then you need to focus on the different features. Here are thirteen options to inspire you.

1. Create A Gallery Wall

One of the first things that you can go for, is a cool gallery wall. If you have a room that is quite minimalistic and you have a great wall that you can work in, this is the first option t go with. Pick out the images that you want to go for, choose some picture frames to match, and then create the wall. You may also want to go with a bit of a mish-mash of styles so that it has more intrigue about it.

2. Invest In Floor Tiles

Next, if you want to turn your attention to the flooring, you might want to think about tiles and what they can bring to the space. A lot of the time, we opt for carpets or wood because we think they’re clean and simple. But they can create a very boring and basic look. Instead, when you opt for printed floor tiles, you get to jazz up the space a little. So look into different patterns and see what kind of feature your floor can become.

3. Select A Statement Light Shade

Then, you’re going to want to see what you can do with your lighting. When you think about a stunning design space, the lighting is important. Whether you have a lot of natural light or not, you should find that the right light shade can really bring a lot to the room. It can often be an important feature. So why not shop around for a shade that will be able to make the right statement.

4. Create A Feature Wall

From here, you’ll then want to consider making a feature with your walls. Perhaps you have a gallery wall in one room? Then want to go with block color or a cute wallpaper print in another? This, again, allows you to make a good feature out of a wall, without having the same thing throughout your house.

5. Go Bold With Your Colour Choices

But colour doesn’t just have to be tame. If you really want to make a statement with your decor, then you need to think about the different colour choices you can use. Here, make sure that you consider the different colour trends for the year, and see if there’s anything that you want to bring into your home. As long as they fit with your personal taste, you should find that the colours work well throughout your home.

6. Use Colour Pops

If you’re not usually the biggest fan of colour, then you may find that you want to go with subtle colour pops instead. Sometimes, you can make a room feel more interesting, or make a feature out of a particular piece of furniture by choosing something in a quirky or statement colour. So think about how you can bring subtle pops of colour in this way.

7. Look For Different Furniture

While we’re on the topic of furniture, you may then also want to think about opting for different styles. When you stick to the similar kinds of very ‘common’ styles, you may find that your home feels quite basic. So why not break the mould and look for things that are a bit out of the ordinary and make them a key feature instead?

8. Expose Some Brick

Another great idea that can make a space feel really different, is to expose some of the brick. Now, this will of course depend on your own interior design preferences, and the theme you’re going with, but if you want to give it a different dimension, then looking to expose the brick can definitely become a feature for you.

9. Dress The Windows

If you want to make sure that an entire room feels very put together, then you’ll want to make sure that you include the windows too. Sometimes, the windows can be very basic. So why not counteract that by dressing the window trims a little? Yes, curtains can look great, but you should also make sure that you’re picking out a curtain pole that is perfect for the space too.

10. Dress The Walls

At the same time, you may also want to do the same with the walls. Sometimes, working in some wainscoting, moulding and trims is exactly what you need to do to make more of a feature of the wall. While you may not want to do it in every room, you may find that it adds a little something to different rooms throughout the house.

11. Work In A Fireplace

In a living space or a bedroom, it can be a fun feature to work in a fireplace. Most of the time, there will be something there already, but you will often find that it doesn’t always look that great. So if you want to jazz things up a little, choosing a different fireplace design, or going for something modern like an indoor fire pit, it could be just what you need to be able to bring in a key feature into the room.

12. Use House Plants

When it comes to bring life into the home, nothing overly beats house plants. If you find that you want to actually create something fun, then bringing lots of different plants into the area is a great way to do that. Choosing houseplants is fun too. Think about different style that you can choose, and make sure that you’re going to be able to look after them too.

13. Work In Different Effects

Finally, if you really want to make a feature out of the space, then you really do need to be focusing on the details. We’ve already covered off the detail you can add into the walls, but you could go the extra step. From adding in different decorative painting techniques to moulding around the light fixtures, it’s often the details here that can really bring a room alive and stop it from seeming bland and basic.

When you’ve been through each of the thirteen steps above, you should find that you’re able to create different effects around the home that are easy to achieve and spice up the space that you’re working with. When you just focus on paint, flooring, and furniture, it’s really easy to see why the finished room feels unfinished. But choosing some of these features allows you to make the interiors more interested, and they’re fun to focus on too!

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