Squeezing the most from your small home

Today, homes are becoming more and more expensive to buy and run meaning more and more people are living in smaller living areas, particularly within Central London where renting a tiny broom cupboard of a home can cost upwards of £1,000 per month.

You’ll notice places like IKEA have been aware of this growing trend, and have a variety of innovative space saving devices, yet if you’re in the position where you feel like the walls are closing in on you due to your small living space, you might want to consider the tips below.

As a precursor to these tips, however, it’s important to remember that small doesn’t need to be second best… as in, just because you have a small living environment, doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful or modern; in fact little touches like incorporating a home automation system can make all the difference to feeling more affluent and content within a smaller space along with the innovative use of interior design.

The number one challenge, when living in a small space tends to be the lack of storage space which subsequently leads to clutter. This article therefore addresses this core challenge with a number of strategies.


With places like Ikea offering solutions for storage in small spaces perhaps creating storage in wasted spaces such as on top of units, around the bathroom sink and on top of kitchen cupboards is the answer.


There are a number of things you can do to change how your house feels but one of the most efficient is to maximise the space you already have in your home by using it intelligently. As an example, if you were to fit your loft with loft boards then you could use this area for additional storage rather than having it cluttered in plain view.


If you are in need of an additional room then a full loft conversion could be the answer.

A loft conversion is a great use of the cavity under the roof that a lot of people don’t utilise. Whilst converting your attic is a significant financial investment it will usually increase the value of your home; particularly if in doing so it provides an extra bedroom.


In summer it’s easy to spend plenty of time in the garden, yet in winter, it can be more challenging. However, with the use of comfortable outdoor seating, freestanding heater lamps, and the use of a gazebo for shelter, you can make use of your outside space in any weather.

Pinterest is a great resource for image based inspiration in terms of making a cosy outdoor living space.


When you simply can’t quite make do with the space you have you might want to consider building an extension, or at the very least, a garage or shed that can offer secure storage so your house feels less cluttered.

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