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Top 5 green home building techniques

The world that we live in is constantly changing, and as a result, we need to take steps to be more environmentally-friendly. It can be even more interesting when you think about the money that you can save when you have a home that is more eco-friendly. Your home could be a pretty energy-guzzling and emission-producing powerhouse. But the processes to create a more eco-friendly home are all pretty simple and straightforward. So what is stopping you? Here are some steps to building a more eco-friendly home, plenty of which you can start right away.

Location is Everything

When you are looking for somewhere to live, there are several factors that you have probably not even thought of before, but could have an impact on where you buy your home. For example, a home that is west-facing is going to have the least sun, making it more difficult to heat the home or use solar power. It is also worth looking at living in places that are not on floodplains or earthquake-prone areas, as these are environmentally sensitive areas. You could also consider how far you will be from things like shops, as it will mean more trips out in the car if they are far away.

Use Outdoor Space

Being able to use your outside space, whether that is just a small balcony or acres of land, can be a good way to create a more environmentally-friendly home. If you were looking at first home buyers house and land packages, then look for ones that you can afford, but that comes with some land. The more you have, the more you can do. You can create water storage and composting, as well as growing your own food.

Sustainable Materials

If you want to have a green home, then you need to think about the things that you have in the home. Looking for sustainable and eco-friendly products means that you can reduce your household’s impact on the environment, as well as the impact that construction has on the environment. Wood and wooden toys can be good materials to look for, as well as bamboo, reclaimed materials, linoleum, and cork. These are all natural and all sustainable. Ditch the plastic where you can.

Rethink Lighting

We all need lighting in our homes, that is for sure. But the impact that using too much electricity has can be quite high, especially in a family home. Making the switch to LED light bulbs can be a good way to go, as they are the most energy-efficient bulbs out there, but they don’t compromise on the quality of the light either.

Use Power Sparingly

We all like the convenience of modern-day living. But the energy that we need for it can have a harmful impact. So it is a good idea to look at the ways that you use energy at the moment, and cut down. Can the clothes be dried on a washing line rather than using the tumble dryer, for example? How about one hour less of TV each day? It can all have a positive impact when we’re prepared to make changes.

*This is a collaborative post*

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