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5 days out for thrill seekers

Are you an adrenaline junky? Do you enjoy that sudden rush and thrill you get from certain experiences? I have put together five ideas to keep the adventurous ones among us thoroughly entertained.

I must admit I find it incredibly hard to think of gifts for family members and some of these ideas could make an excellent Christmas or birthday present. I myself love the thrill of a roller coaster - I have even been on the Big One in Blackpool.

But when it comes to other things I am a bit of a wuss I'm afraid. I recently realised that I have a fear of heights - how? By decorating our staircase. I was painting and had to climb an extendable ladder, once I reached the top of the ladder my legs started to wobble - realising that I had nothing to hold onto I slowly climbed back down.

I don't even like walking on Brighton Pier as I feel like I could fall through one of the miniscule gaps between the wooden boards.

I am also extremely uncomfortable in deep water - I am not a strong swimmer so the idea of scuba diving frightens me too - oh dear!

The idea of doing a bungee jump or leaping out of a plane scares the bejeezus out of me! I am sure I would actually love the thrill but I would have to be pushed or strapped to an instructor.

My husband on the other hand would try anything in a heartbeat. Have you tried any of these?

Track Days

Track days make for a thrilling, fun day out as you get to take your own car out on a professional race track to test its limits - getting to drive it at high speed! With circuits across the UK and Europe you can take your pick and feel what it is like to be a racing driver for the day.


Not for the faint-hearted! Whether it is a solo freefall or a tandem skydive with an instructor there are courses for everyone. If you don't fancy jumping from a plane you could always try an indoor skydive in a wind tunnel.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

I think this is more up my street - a beautiful, tranquil ride above the clouds in a hot hair balloon. You can do this as a couple and drift slowly and peacefully through the air with a trained pilot. There are hot air balloon flights available across many counties in the UK.

Zip Wire

Open between May to September - ride the world's longest, fastest city-centre zip wire! Soar through London on one of three 225 metre zip wires with speeds up to 50 kph. Step out on to a platform 35 metres above the ground below and see the city for a new perspective. Suitable for ages 8 years and over this could make a different day out for the family.

Zombie Boot Camp Experience

Walking Dead fans - this one is for you! Find out if you’ve got what it takes to battle the living dead in an utterly terrifying Zombie Bootcamp Experience. Guided by military instructors you’ll learn how to use a variety of weapons, before facing the ultimate test of skill and bravery – clearing out a warehouse full of live zombies! This is a real action event based in a very realistic setting, with a convincing story line. You'll be part of a riot squad using adapted current tactics to tackle the threat of a zombie outbreak in the UK.

Are you brave enough to give these a try?

*This is a collaborative post*

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