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Simple ways to improve your home's atmosphere

There are a number of different physical factors which contribute to the overall atmosphere of a home. And if you have better control over all of them, you can create the type of environment which promotes calm and relaxation.

There are plenty of simple adjustments and improvements that you can make to the atmosphere of your home to the four main environmental influencers which are air, earth, water, and light. Let’s go through each one of them, in turn, to see what you can do to make them better.


If your home is stuffy and the air doesn’t feel pleasant to breathe, this can be a major negative factor. If you want to look at the higher end of the solution scale, you could always look to invest in an air purifier to improve the overall quality of the air. The obvious and free solution is to open up your windows on a regular basis to let in the natural air. Even when it is colder, a few minutes with your windows open can make all the difference. You should also make sure to get rid of anything which is causing a bad smell and having a detrimental impact on the atmosphere of your home.


Even though you have worked hard on your indoor environment, bringing in some outdoor elements can really help to give you a mood boost. Indoor plants play a role in purifying the atmosphere around you, quite literally cleaning the air you breathe. They can also help to have a relaxing and calming effect on your mind. Limit the number of chemicals in your home by using natural cleaning products.


This one may be the most confusing of the group but think about a spa. The presence of flowing water is never far away, and it can really help to create an ambiance which is both relaxing and calming. There are plenty of mini-water features which you can introduce into your home to have the effect that you are going for. Otherwise, the most simple solution is to paint your walls with colours which evoke a water theme.


The final one of the four is light. And natural light is obviously going to be best when it comes to improving your home’s atmosphere and your overall mood. When the sun shines brightly through the windows, a room automatically looks more spacious and attractive. Windows need to be placed in specific locations to encourage maximum exposure. And while it presents a major challenge to reposition your windows, you can encourage light by keeping your drapes open, cleaning the windows on a regular basis, and removing all blockages.

Working to improve the four elements of air, earth, water, and light will all contribute towards improving the atmosphere of your home. And many of the solutions which we have just discussed are all simple enough to put into practice yourself, so why not try them out today?

*This is a collaborative post*

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