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Bedroom design tips for big families who lack space

For bigger families, space is always an issue. The fact is that very few families can afford to buy houses that are the perfect size for them, because property is expensive, which means that often we have to compromise. While you might have a family of five and a four bedroom house which sounds perfect for the family size, that doesn’t mean that space isn’t limited. After all, most houses have one good-sized room, a couple of medium rooms, and a couple of smaller rooms, meaning that storage can often be a problem in kids’ bedrooms.

As any parent knows, kids come with a lot of stuff, it’s not just their toys, games, and art materials but also all the clothing that they need. Kids rooms are always packed full of stuff, which often means that there is a real lack of space, which is what makes storage so important for larger families who lack space. The question is, of course, what are the best tips for big families who lack space? Expanding your home could be an option - adding an extra bedroom by converting an area such as a conservatory or the loft are both good ideas - use a company such as to get some advice before you consider converting your space. It is always best to get the expert opinion.

Fortunately for you, below are some life-changing tips, pieces of advice and hacks for big families who lack bedroom space. Take note of these design tips and you can create the perfect bedrooms for each member of your family without having to worry about living in mess and clutter due to a lack of space. It won’t always be easy to achieve your goals when it comes to storage space and mess and clutter, but as the tips below show, there are ways that you can make life with a big family a little easier.

Built-in storage is best

When it comes to making the most of the space that you and your family have in your home, it’s essential that you invest in built-in storage space wherever possible. This is because built-in storage space tends to work best, as it offers additional space to non-built-in storage space, plus it’s not as noticable either and looks like it’s simply part of the room.

Whether it’s built-in wardrobes that you choose to invest in or other, more unique pieces of built-in furtniture, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you are able to make the most of the space that you have, creating suitable storage space that ensures every family member has the storage space that they need.

Believe it or not, build your own storage space is far easier than you would think. If you’re not a DIYer, then you might need a little help, but it’s nothing that a few YouTube tutorials won’t be able to sort out. You can also get inspiration from photo sharing sites like Pinterest, for instance. Of course, if you are really struggling to design your own pieces, then perhaps you could outsource the task to a contractor who has experience dealing with this kind of job. But choosing to go DIY with it will help to cut costs and keep your household maintenance tasks more affordable.

Be creative

Need extra space for clothing but don’t have room for an additional wardrobe? Consider fitting a clothing wrack in one corner where clothes can be hung and shoes stored neatly. That way your child’s bedroom has extra storage space for clothes but without needing an additional wardrobe.

Have you seen those radiator covers that offer additional storage space? If you haven’t, it’s time to get browsing. There are some fantastic radiator covers that double as extra shelving that can be used to transform your radiators throughout your house into extra storage units. These are a smart solution to a lack of space, just make sure to only buy safety tested designs to reduce the risk of them becoming a fire hazard.

For pieces of furniture that your children’s rooms need but there’s no space for, you might need to be creative. How about installing fold-down items that can be put away when they’re not being used, to help save space? From folding desks to folding beds, there are plenty of options that it’s worth considering.

For additional wardrobe space, ensure that the wardrobe doors are being properly utilised. This means having pegs or shelving on the inside of these doors, so that you can use them as much-needed additional storage space.

Put a pegboard organiser in each bedroom. An easy storage hack is to add a pegboard wall organiser in each room that allows your kids to hand different things up quickly and easily, from jewellery and bags to scarfs and even shoes, pegboard walls can be amazing to have in place, which is why this is a hack that it’s worthwhile taking advantage of.

Be smart about furniture

When it comes to adding extra storage to a bedroom, it’s important that you are smart about the furniture that you invest in. The key to success here is to look for bedroom furniture that also incorporates extra storage space, such as divan beds, for instance, that are renowned for offering extra storage space for bedrooms. Or, how about buying a headboard that has pull out storage space? The key here is to shop around and get creative, as you never know what smart piece of furniture you might find.

Don’t forget ot utilise the back of every bedroom door. There are various storage solutions that hang on the back of bedroom doors, from laundry baskets to shoe storage wracks and so much more - don’t forget to take advantage of these, as they can offer some fantastic extra storage space.

To maximise drawer space, it’s essential that you invest in drawer organisers. For each child’s bedroom, make sure to have drawer organisers placed in each drawer, so that they can utilise the space that they have more easily.

When it comes to utilising a space, it’s essential that you opt to make the most of any piece of furniture that you have, even a bed, for instance. If you can’t find the ideal storage bed for your needs, then perhaps it could be worthwhile considering building one that is designed to offer the maximum amount of storage possible. Just think of the potential here and how much storage space you could create if you were to go down the DIY route.

Utilise higher spaces

A lot of the time, people forget about the high space in rooms, instead choosing to focus on floor space. However, this shouldn’t be the case, as high space also has the potential to be useful too, it’s just a case of knowing how to utilise it properly, that’s all. The 12 inches below the ceiling of a room is wasted, when it shouldn’t be, which is why if your family home lacks space, that bedrooms really should utilise this.

Add shelving along the tops of each bedroom, 12 inches from the ceiling. This can be used for anything and everything, from school books and storybooks to toys, games and clothing. Obviously, your kids won’t be able to reach this, but you and your partner can do, so this doesn’t have to be an issue. Or, if you want to give your kids independence, consider fitting a library-style ladder that is fitted to brackets and slides around the room, allowing your kids access to their shelving in a safe and secure way.

Declutter regularly

One of the most important things that you can do on a regular basis to ensure that your family home is not a total mess all of the time is to declutter regularly. The fact is that if you make time to declutter your home regularly, you can ensure that you and your kids don’t end up building up too much junk that takes up all of the storage space that your home has.

There is nothing more stressful than a cluttered home, which is why it’s so important that when it comes to how you manage your family home, that decluttering is taken seriously and done regularly. Perhaps you could have a monthly decluttering day - the first Saturday of each month - where everyone gets a box that they have to fill up with the clutter from their rooms that they no longer need. As a reward for filling their box, perhaps you could give them a treat, like taking them to the movies or going for milkshakes and ice cream. Make decluttering fun and you will find that your kids make it a part of their lives, which is a good precedent to set for the future.

So there you have it, a range of useful tips, ideas and pieces of advice for how you can create a home that perfectly fits your big family’s storage needs. It’s not always easy ensuring that your home is able to accommodate the needs of you and your family members, but if you are smart about how you go about it, you can create a home that is able to perfectly accommodate your needs as a larger family in a home that lacks space.

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