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Autumn home improvements you can complete in a week

If you are looking to transform your summer home into a cosy autumn one, chances are that you will have to make only small changes that will make you feel closer to nature and improve the atmosphere of your space. No matter how big or small your house is, there are a few home improvement ideas you can implement, even if you only have one week to spare. From more natural light to upcycling furniture and adding plants, there are plenty of ways you can transform your home for the autumn.

New Front Door

There are so many ways you can improve your curb appeal, but nothing works better than a new front door. You can improve the energy efficiency of your house, while improving the look of it. A new front door needs to be installed by a professional, to make sure it is the right fit and the insulation panels are working just as well as they could. You will also realise safety benefits of changing your door.

Natural Colours

When the leaves turn colour and we are surrounded by red, yellow, and brown, we are often tempted to bring the natural shades in our room as well. By simply changing your summer curtains and adding some warm colours, such as orange and beige, maroon, or bright red, you will feel more connected with nature. You might also want to change your cushion covers to represent the wonderful and calming colours of nature, and then change them back to the original after the spring has arrived.
Sky Lights

With the arrival of the autumn, we all experience low times, due to the reduced number of sunshine hours. If you suddenly found yourself in a dark and dull home, there are plenty of ways you can add natural light. To improve your mood in the kitchen while you are preparing a family meal, you can add sky lights on a budget. These will help you see better and utilise natural light from outside. You can also save money on electricity, as you don’t have to have all your lights switched on. These are great to light up your staircase, landing, or hallway and make your home look more spacious.

Glass Bricks

You might have limited connection with the outdoors, and this means that you will have to get creative to get the light circulate around your home. You don’t have to knock down all the walls if you don’t want to; instead change some walls or areas above your doors to glass bricks, allowing natural light to come in. You can get a colourful design so you will improve your mood with green or red light coming in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. You can improve your home’s atmosphere by getting a mosaic window cut out, or adding sky lights and glass bricks in small spaces, such as your corridors.

Respray Your Kitchen

When you have a small kitchen that is dark and hard to manage, you can transform it on a budget by getting it resprayed. There’s no need for staying in for weeks and eating microwave food, the whole process can be completed in just a few days. If your kitchen cabinets are in a good condition, but they are not the right colour, are stained, or look old fashioned, you can do something about it without having to pay for the installation of new appliances and cabinets. This home improvement will improve your life quality during the autumn and winter months.

Fire Place

In case you are searching for home improvements that add value, you might want to start with your living room. This is the area that most buyers and potential tenants are checking out, and if you have a stunning fireplace that looks natural and cosy, you are a winner, Out with that old plastic brick construction from the 70s and in with a modern and stylish fireplace that is not only energy efficient, but also helps you elevate your mood on cold nights. Choose a fire surround that maximises your space, is easy to clean, and looks great with your feature wall.

If you would like to improve your home for the autumn, it is important that you don’t start huge projects that will compromise your comfort. These easy and quick transformations will help you enjoy nights in more, and improve your mood and home atmosphere every day. Spend a few days instead of a couple of weeks on these projects and enjoy your natural colour-infused home.

*This is a collaborative post*

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