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Make your tiny bedroom a minimalist haven

British homes are among the smallest in Europe. In fact, they are so tiny that in most European destinations, a standard double bed has the size of our King size beds. As a result, it’s fair to say that your Britain-based bedroom can rapidly feel cramped with furniture in comparison to our European neighbours. Unfortunately, with no alternative to push the walls, you need to be smart to make the most of what you’ve got.

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And the key to creating a cosy and elegant British bedroom is to opt for a minimalist decor. Why so? Because when you can’t afford to waste space, less is often more. Less furniture for more space; less decorative disruption for more style, and finally spend less for a more luxury feel!

Stop wasting space in the name of style

The first rule of living in a small environment doesn’t mean that you can to content yourself with second best. On the contrary, you can combine small and beautiful without losing any of the essential functions of your bedroom. This means that you have to think a little outside the box – but thankfully places such as IKEA have been aware of the challenges of British homes for many years. You’ll find that ditching the interior magazine for a stroll around your local IKEA shop can give you plenty of useful ideas on the innovative use of interior design and spâce-saving furniture.

What are your essentials?

At the heart of a minimalist approach, it’s the understanding that you need to focus your attention on the indispensable items in each room. In the bedroom, there are two items that you can’t do without; namely a wardrobe and a bed. You can find plenty of wardrobes with smart add-ons, such as mirrors as sliding doors – Rauch wardrobes have superb models with 2, 3 and 4 doors for all types of bedroom. Similarly, you can opt for a made to measure bed if you’re worried that a standard item might make the room appear smaller.

Love your colours

Just because the room is small, it doesn’t you can’t have fun with your colours. On the contrary, the colour you use can make a huge difference in your perception of space. Cool colours such as pale blue can make the room seem larger. But warm colours add a sense of cosiness. You can add accent colours with a cushion or small decorative items to bring a balance of cool and warm. Patterns, such as stripes, can also make the room appear bigger.

Nobody likes a stuffy room

Last, but not least, small rooms can feel uncomfortable when the indoor air accumulates without behind renewed. As a rule of the thumb, you should open your windows once a day to ventilate the room. Additionally, you can also bring houseplants to your bedroom to purify the air. A jasmine plant is a beautiful addition that reduces anxiety levels and increases the presence of oxygen. Aloe vera emits oxygen too and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance to clear the air in your bedroom.

Who said that a small bedroom couldn’t be comfortable? It’s time to revamp your bedroom to make the most of every night. From investing in quality essentials to keeping a purifying plant on the bedside table, you can turn a cluttered bedroom into a minimalist paradise!

*this is a collaborative post*

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