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Fun Autumn activities to try this weekend

Family time is what the end of the year is all about. We have Halloween and Christmas which are all celebrations we enjoy with the people we love most as the year comes to a close. If you are looking for some different activities to try this weekend with your family, here are some fun ideas for you.

Conker collecting

Now that autumn is in full swing and those beautiful colours are filling the landscape, it is the ideal time to head out for a walk and hunt for conkers. Conkers can be used in your seasonal wreath, placed in the corners of a room to ward of spiders and can make a fun childhood game for you all to play. Head out to the forest for a stunning walk and enjoy the fresh air and nature this weekend.

Spooky movie night

Whether your family loves to enjoy a good horror or prefers the lighter Halloween choices on TV right now, it is always good to have a spooky night in with all the lights off and a big bowl of popcorn to share between you. Halloween films are great whether they are scary or not and it can be a fun way to spend a rainy evening in the next few weeks as you await the trick or treaters coming to your home.

Autumn picnic

What better way to spend the cold days during fall than to have a picnic with your favourite autumn treats? You can either go outside and have a picnic in the open or use your indoor gas heater and cuddle up inside with blankets and cups of hot cocoa. Everyone loves things like pumpkin pie and crusty bread at this time of the year so you can make these treats and enjoy time as a family.

Get crafty

Autumn and winter are always times for celebration and these times will often come with the ideal opportunity for a party. If you want to save money on organising a party at your home this season why not get crafty with the kids this weekend and make your own decorations? On Pinterest you’ll be able to find lots of ideas for making garlands, wreaths and other things which will brighten up the house and make it feel festive.

Make a fort

There’s nothing better about being a kid than building a fort at the weekend and decorating it with cushions and fairy lights and hiding in there for the entire day. If you are having a boring day or it’s raining outside it is the perfect time to make a fort for the kids and play around with blankets and cushions and chairs to build the ultimate hideaway for them.

Have a games afternoon

If you are short of ideas for an afternoon activity, there is nothing wrong with getting some games out of the cupboard and spending the afternoon trying your hand at monopoly and trivial pursuit against the kids. Games are always fun even if they do cause some arguments and you can provide some snacks to make everyone feel a little happier.

*this is a collaborative post*

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