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Brightening your home with accessories

Anybody who knows me well - will know how much I love a pop of colour in my home decor. I am like a magpie and will seek out interesting and colourful accessories to compliment the white walls and grey laminate flooring. I have stripey blankets, Russian dolls, colourful glass bottles and even a chrome deers head. If anybody ever asks me what I would like for my birthday I will always choose something for the home.

Taking my lead from a love of all things bohemian I have been gradually adding cushions and throws and I have come across some lovely pouffes on Lionshome. I am a particular fan of the Bombay Duck embroidered designs, they match perfectly with some of my cushions. I hope in the future I can add one to our living room.

Failing that I love the Moroccan leather pouffes that come in a variety of colours and add a touch of rustic charm to any room and these lovely chunky knitted style ottomans are just gorgeous - don't you think?

A cheap and cheerful way to add colour to any room is with pictures and signs. You don't have to spend a fortune, you can pick up a variety of cheap picture frames or even look in your local charity shops. Mix and match with different sizes and colours. You could print some of your best family photographs or print off some of your favourite quotes or posters. I took inspiration from Pinterest and made my own wooden signs.

With the majority of our furniture, I will admit, we have been super thrifty. Most of it is second hand and has come from Facebook selling pages and some has been rescued and restored from being abandoned or dumped. I love to upcycle furniture, we even found an old Lloyd Loom chair which has since been painted turquoise.

I adore this mirror, I bought it off of a friend who no longer wanted it and it just adds so much character to the room.

Being that most of our big pieces of furniture have been second hand it has given me a small amount of money to help accessorise and a put our stamp on our flat. Things like wall hangings also work very well, especially if you have a bit of a problem area on a wall that needs an easy cover! Macrame or cotton hanging decorations look beautiful - you could even try making your own.

Cotton mandala throws can also be hung on the wall to create a lovely feature - it works out much cheaper than repainting or wallpapering and they can be pinned up with a few tacks.

Finally, I would suggest some cool lighting. Personally I love copper lamps with old fashioned filament light bulbs, they look so retro and stylish. Strings of fairy lights also add a cosy, warm feeling to any room. Drape them around a mirror or a lay them across a shelf with some colourful glass bottle and jars in front to create an ambient glow.

Do you have a certain style? Are you minimalist or do you like things on display?

*This is a collaborative post*

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