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Be More You

Well, Happy New Year guys! Another quiet one here, listening to music and lounging around.

I keep seeing all these, New Year, New me, type posts on Facebook and it just really irritates me so much. Ugghh, I even boycotted Facebook for 72 hours, tough call when social media is part of my job.

Then I read something a friend of mine posted on Instagram and it reigned so true I had to share my thoughts.

The original quote was something along the lines of:

"Learn how to:

Have fun without alcohol.

Talk without cellphones.

Love without conditions.

Dream without drugs.

Smile without selfies........."


She quite rightly said "Do your thing" - it's your life, who are others to judge?!

If you want to dye your hair blue - do it! Later on I will be dyeing the ends of my hair a lilac/blue colour because why the hell not?!

If you enjoy a glass of wine in the evenings - have one. As long as it is not harming anybody, why is it a big deal. I can go without alcohol no issue but I do enjoy a glass of wine or a rum and coke every now and then.

Like it or not, social media is how most of us communicate these days, come off it if you wish to, but don't judge others for using it, for some it is our main form of company and keeping in touch with the outside world. I am trying to only use Facebook for work, as I find myself aimlessly scrolling out of habit - but I LOVE Instagram and I love taking photos, so for that reason I will happily continue looking at it daily.

Wear whatever makes you happy, I am guilty of wearing boring clothes - I love fashion, but I hate standing out. Recently I have started wearing different colours, dungarees and pinafores and head scarfs because - why not? Nobody is staring at me - judging my fashion choices and if they are... who cares?! If wearing organic makeup makes you happy - do it - it is amazing what a pop of colour can do for your self esteem.

Take all the selfies, I'm not gonna lie, I always found selfies pretty cringe-worthy. But, I have realised that unless I do take them, I am never in any photos at all. My hubby tends to leave the picture taking to me - so I will happily now take selfies whenever I feel like it.

Treat yourself. Something I find hard, if I have money to spare I tend to treat the kids but I went shopping in the sales (I had birthday money) and bought myself new clothes and had a mini-spree in Lush. It felt great.

Be positive. Even on the months where I feel I am not doing well, not bringing in enough money, I think positively and it really does seem to work for me - things start going well again.

So, my advice to you all is be yourself - don't be a people pleaser all the time, be who YOU want to be.

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