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What to do in a cold home emergency

Picture the scene, you don’t have any central heating so the radiators are stiff cold. You don’t have any gas coming into the home so you can’t use the stove to warm your hands up. The home is getting colder and colder making even sleeping bothersome and difficult. What do you do when your home is being eaten alive by the cold?

Well you might need to prepare some emergency steps so you’re never caught out in this kind of situation. This is something that many people who live out in the countryside do all the time. Especially if you live in the mountains of your state or country, you should never fully rely on mains power coming to your home all the time. Winters are fraught with a lot of danger and if you are in a remote location making the right moves for your family to remain warm is the sensible thing to do. Here are some simple things you can do to achieve this.

Big, fat and heavy

Buy a throw! Throws are great for literally throwing over yourself and getting underneath a layer of thickness that will make sure your own body heat can recycle and keep you warm. However, throws come in all kinds of styles as they are an addition to any modern home’s interior decor. They are usually kept by the sofa in the living room and brought out to the garden if you have a fire pit outside. However, the kind that you want are big, fat and heavy. These will be throws that are made from very dense wool and each strand is packed tightly. Usually, these come in neutral colours so they will also double as rugs on the floor if you really want them to be.

No home left behind

Modern air conditioning units are very versatile but even they can break down during the colder months. The freezing of parts, the jamming up of the pipes due to little critters getting in them and causing blockages are just a couple of the things that can cause this.

Consider a 24-hour emergency air conditioner repair company that can come to your home no matter what time to help you. It's a great feeling to know that no matter when or if the ac unit breaks down, you can have a professional there in just an hour or so. It's common to have the ac on during the night to keep the home warm as it can be more cost effective than putting the central heating on, so be ready to repair it just in case it does get overworked.

Packed in tightly

Instead of the hard welcome mat at the front and back door of your home, consider a thick rug instead. A mixture of synthetic material such as polyester and cotton make for a good rug that you can wipe your feet on but also, pack in tightly against the door so air cannot escape or get into your home.

The cold may last for a few more months, but it will be a challenge for your home to remain warm every single day. Just in case something does happen, be prepared with these simple emergency techniques that will trap the heat inside.

*This is a collaborative post*

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