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Gemstone Water Bottles from Bewater

[Ad-Gifted] We were kindly gifted these bottles from Bewater - all opinions are our own.

I have always had an obsession with gemstones. It started when I went on a school trip to the Natural History Museum in London, I reckon I was probably about 8 years old, we were allowed to take pocket money for the gift shop, I bought a nice lump of rose quartz and a small tub of gemstones. I was also an avid collector of the Treasures of the Earth magazines back in the 90s. My son has developed my love of gemstones and has a vast collection already - when I saw that Bewater sell gemstone water bottles I knew he would love one - and it would also help to encourage him to drink more water.

The bottles come in three ranges; Junior, Tritan and Glass. There are then lots of crystal combinations to choose from. Whether you believe in crystal healing energy or not (I do) gemstones are believed to store energy and release it.

For Fin, we chose the Bewater Elements Junior in blue (you can choose between blue and pink lids). It is made from BPA free plastic and it has a flip top lid with a little sliding locking mechanism. The crystals are in an obelisk chamber inside the bottle. Each of the gemstones matches one of the elements used in Chinese Medicine and when all of these elements are in balance and flowing freely in your body, wellness and vitality result! The stones inside are Ocean Agate, Amethyst, Fossil Wood, Rose Quartz and Chalcedony. The bottle is 22cm in height and holds approximately 440ml of water.

I also got to choose a bottle so I went for the Tritan Glow. The Tritan range is designed to be on-the-go, made from durable, BPA and BPS free plastic. Inside the chamber is Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Aventurine Quartz. It has a screw top silver lid made from steel. Rose Quartz embodies love, Amethyst inner peace and Aventurine peace and rest. A lot of people choose to "charge" their crystals by either letting them soak in the sunshine or the moonlight. I am one of those people that forgets to drink during the day, I end up getting very dehydrated and then remember that I need to have a drink - I am naughty and would usually go for something sweet - so I am hoping that carrying this around will encourage me to drink more. The bottle is 24.5cm in height and holds approximately 650ml.

The bottles are beautiful and arrived in cardboard cylinder boxes with a little gemstone for the two of us and a booklet. They are certainly unique! The gemstones are sealed in the obelisk chamber with a splash of spring water, you cannot removed the chamber from the bottle.

The glass collection, designed for home use does have a removable chamber and it is dishwasher safe, the Tritan and Junior range need to be hand washed. The bottles range from £19.95 to £28.95 in price, much more than I would usually think of spending on a water bottle, but for the beauty and quality of it and the fact that it is reusable means that they are good for the environment too.

Finley was dead impressed with his bottle and immediately asked if he could take it to school. The girl's have been eyeing up my glow water bottle. So far we have had no leakages which is always a bonus. As for me, I am easily pleased by anything that pleases my eye, drinking from a bottle with gemstones in instantly made me feel happy, I even felt that the water tasted purer, maybe a placebo or maybe the crystals - who knows?

I asked Fin how he felt about his bottle (he's 7) the answer was "good" - a boy of many words! I think the fact that he wants to show it off at school says something.

If you are into wellbeing and mindfulness or you just love pretty things - we would totally recommend these gorgeous bottles.

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