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Brand feature: Cable & Cotton

[Gifted - contains gifted lights and an affiliate link]

I love fairy lights. I have lots indoors, copper ones, potion bottle ones, glass ones, watermelon ones..... But, ones that I have had my eye on for a while are the Cable & Cotton fairy lights - they are so colourful, correct me if I am wrong but I am sure I saw some in a small shop in Camden Market a long time ago?!

Anyhoo, as I have been writing a lot about brands I love I contacted the lovely people at Cable & Cotton saying that I was planning on writing a feature about them and they kindly offered me some lights - as Keira's (my nearly 13 year old's) bedroom has just been decorated I went for the Scandi Pop colour combo to match her room. Scandi Pop livens up neutrals with a pop of pastel pink to make it a little less cold and a little more feminine.

Cable & Cotton LED fairy lights come in 49 colours! You can choose from ready made colour combos or select your own. The lights are beautiful, like an intricate cotton ball. The lights are EU & UL safety certified too. You can choose between 20, 35 or 50 lights on the string, they come on a USB cable ready to be plugged in and there is an on/off switch on the cable. The colours are fab, you know how I always say looking at colours makes me happy.

Fair trade

The fairy lights are hand-made by skilled craftswomen in Thailand, by buying their lights you are helping to support an entire community of women in a remote southern region of the country. The workers have an insurance policy set up for them to provide income if they are unable to work for any reason.

Each of the mini thread lampshades are about 6-7cm in diameter with 10cm distance between each LED bulb.

Each cable comes with all of the light bulbs fixed and can be used in a standard 5 Volt USB socket (like the USB plug you use to charge your phone, a USB port in your laptop or a USB power pack). This would be great if you are going to festivals like we are.

The lights came well packaged in a cardboard box, Keira instantly loved them. We found a spare USB plug (they do not come with a plug so you would need to order one if you don't have one) and had a go at draping them in various positions, she decided she liked them dangling in the corner of her room, the colours tie in well with her decor.

They are as gorgeous as I ever imagined they would be - I have promised Shannon I will get her the Rainbow or Drama Llama set to go in her room which means I may need to also order some for Fin too in the future.

They also do festoon lighting, I adore festoon lights but I don't have a garden. If I did I would also be ordering some of those too.

They've certainly put a smile on our faces - a lovely addition to any room.

Below is an affiliate link, I earn commission if a purchase is made through it at no cost to you.

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