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I see beauty everywhere

I have always been very aware of my surroundings, I notice every tiny detail. I probably come across as quite aloof sometimes - like a day-dreamer. Reading into things, I most certainly have an introvert brain. I like my own company, I am not comfortable in a group, I over-think everything and I have a constant internal monologue going on.

I have sat and watched entire films but I am often thinking about other things and could not tell you what has happened in that movie.

I think this is what makes me creative, I have a very creative mind that is always churning out new ideas. I guess this is why I am always taking pictures. Some might see a rotting window frame, I see beauty. I have stopped to take pictures of rust, oily puddles, old walls. I scout out areas and mentally note them, knowing that one day they would make a good backdrop for a photo.

I thought I'd share a few recent pictures here, just because.....

I have always loved taking photos, even as a child. I was one of those people who actually enjoyed looking through people's photo albums and often took my albums with me to show family. Although the above pictures are all taken on my phone I do have my DSLR which I love to use. I am gradually teaching myself more about the manual settings and hoping to one day get some lovely portraits of my family.

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