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Choosing the right mobile network

If you are anything like me, you may spend a massive part of your day using your mobile phone. Yes, I'll admit, some of my time is spent aimlessly scrolling Facebook, but as a virtual assistant and a blogger, having a good mobile network is extremely vital. I do a bit of social media managing also, so I spend a lot of time on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, helping to create content and promote posts.

With three of us in this house currently using phones, we need to make sure we are getting the best deal possible for our needs and with our middle daughter also starting high school in September - we are looking to get her a phone too, as she'll be walking home from school. I am sure she will also be using it for making TikTok videos and watching YouTube too.

The other fact is that we don't have a huge income so shopping around for a good price is imperative. It can all seem pretty overwhelming! Which is the best network to go for? A great website to learn more about mobile networks is Half Cooked, they provide detailed reviews and comparisons of all major UK networks to help you find the perfect network for your needs. I have had a good look through and there is a lot of detailed information on there which is so useful.

A friend of mine has just suggested GiffGaff saying she got a really great deal on a phone and contract for her daughter, I know it isn't a necessity for kids to have phones, and we all got by without mobile phones in our youth, but I will feel so much less anxious knowing that my daughter can call me if she needs to on the way home or if she's gone out with friends.

I have also found that Tesco Mobile are really good, I used a Pay as You Go SIM for years with Tesco. I wasn't using my mobile data though as that seemed to use credit fast, but for calls and texts it was great - plus there was always an added extra amount when I topped up. This is often a good option for a tween.

My family currently have a contract with Vodafone - over our three mobiles. We also have Vodafone broadband. So far, we have been pleased - although I must say that I find them quite expensive!

One to look at is Three. Apparently it has some of the fastest 4G speeds in the UK, perks such as rewards apps and all-inclusive streaming data as well as multiple international destinations where you won’t be paying any extra to use your phone abroad. The EE network seems to come in at a close second with the widest network coverage and the best speeds on the market. They also have free access to the BT Sport & Apple Music apps as well as unlimited streaming on Apple Music.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about. We all use our phones for different purposes. Some of us stream movies, some are old-fashioned and use it for texts and calls.

Hopefully this has provided an insight.

*Collaborative post*

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