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Helicopter seed dragonflies

Dragonfly craft

It's been a while since we crafted here, I do miss it and tend to not make the time for it as much as I used to! What with all of the rain we've been having here this past week I thought I'd keep them busy making some little dragonflies out of helicopter seeds and twigs.

helicopter seeds

These are the seed pods from sycamore trees, you'll probably see lots of them on the ground at the moment. But they do resemble insect wings so we thought we'd turn some of these into dragonflies.

You could use metallic paint, we went for nail varnish as we always seem to get loads of sets for Christmas that tend to just sit in the drawer doing nothing. The metallic blues and greens work really well.

You'll also need some PVA glue and a few slim twigs to use as the bodies and then - just be creative.

painted sycamore seeds

The great thing about using nail varnish is that it dries within a few minutes - I love how well these came out.

painted sycamore seeds

The glue will take longer to dry. We just used a big dollop of PVA to stick the wings to the twigs and then left them overnight. Don't worry it does dry clear.

dragonfly crafts

Here are the finished results - including a fairy complete with glitter.

fairy crafts

helicopter seed dragonflies

helicopter seed nature crafts

These were just for a bit of fun but I guess they could be turned into decorations too. They're very easy to make and a nice rainy day activity.

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