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CBD oil for anxiety and stress - how did I get on?

[Ad-gifted] I was given a bottle of Synerva CBD oil for free in exchange for this post - it is entirely honest.

I am not sure how I come across to people on the outside? Calm, quiet, kind, down to earth - "Nothing phases you" is a phrase I often hear. Over the years though I have noticed that my anxiety has gotten worse, not that I have ever been formerly diagnosed as having anxiety, but I know it is something I suffer from.

The pressure of being self employed is some of the cause of it - praying that I get enough work in to get us by, working every day, not taking a holiday - it can be overwhelming and very stressful. I fret over very small things and overthink everything, my brain can't switch off. Obviously with the current situation of a global pandemic if you suffer from anxiety and stress it is possibly even more heightened at the moment.

I have actually tried CBD oil before and found it to be instantly beneficial so when I was offered to review some by Synerva CBD oils, knowing how stressful some days have been recently, I jumped at the chance. I am using a 5% strength organic CBD oil - there are higher percentages available but this one is recommended for anxiety.

The oils do not contain THC (which is the part of the plant that gets you high) so it is totally legal to buy and use.

The bottle comes with a dropper and the recommended dose is two drops under the tongue in the morning and evening, you hold it there for 30 seconds and then swallow. The taste is not unpleasant kind of like green tea/nettles to me, there are flavoured oils, gummies and other products available.

As with the first time that I tried CBD oil - I found the effects were extremely noticeable pretty much immediately. It sorts me out for the day, that's for sure. I find that where I try to be a bit of a perfectionist, I can end up feeling quite stressed throughout the day if things aren't going to plan. With the children being off school and learning from home alongside me trying to work from home and all sharing the computer, I had times where I would feel quite agitated. Using CBD oil seems to take that feeling away completely for me.

My stress levels seem lower, things that normally would tick me off (and I would hold in) don't phase me whatsoever if I have had my 2 drops of oil in the morning. There are no side effects from using it either. Anxiety wise, it does help too, worries are still there but much less of an issue. I still think of things that would normally set my anxiety off but the thoughts aren't ruling my actions.

Overall, it is something that I find beneficial and that I would continue to use regularly. Anything for a bit of mental wellbeing is good in my eyes!

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